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Issuing time:2022-04-30 11:36





1.病理因素。 因为牙齿在我小的时候就处于发展性钙化阶段的疾病之中,并且影响了我自己的新城代谢,导致牙齿牙釉质发育不全和钙化,所以牙齿的表面锈蚀,不透明和黄褐色。

2,内生黄色牙齿。 由于牙齿中某些元素的影响,色素不能在牙齿的表面上,而在组织中,这是我们常见的牙科氟中毒和四环素。

3.饮食因素。 长期喝咖啡,浓茶和中药等,会导致牙齿表面上的色素沉淀,牙齿有些偏黄。

4.长期吸烟。 长期吸烟会在牙齿上形成明显的烟斑。

5.钙缺乏。 研究表明,由于钙缺乏,骨骼密度会降低,因此牙齿吸收食物中小分子的能力增强,有色物质进入牙齿。

6。 牙齿黄变老化。 随着年龄的增长,牙齿逐渐不像以前那样白,变成黄色,甚至有些变灰。







Why do teeth turn yellow?

First of all, I want to tell you a cruel fact: healthy teeth are originally yellow. Because teeth are divided into three layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp.

The outermost "enamel" is milky white and translucent, while the middle "dentin" is pale yellow. The healthier the "enamel", the more transparent it is and the easier it is for the yellow color of the "dentin" to penetrate.

Secondly, there are many reasons for deepening the yellowing of teeth

1. Pathological factors. Because the teeth were in the developing calcification stage of the disease when I was young and it affected my own metabolism, resulting in hypoplasia and calcification of the tooth enamel, so the surface of the teeth was rusted, opaque and yellowish brown.

2. Ingrown yellow teeth. Due to the influence of certain elements in the tooth, the pigment cannot be on the surface of the tooth, and in the tissue, it is our common dental fluorosis and tetracycline.

3. Dietary factors. Long-term drinking of coffee, strong tea and traditional Chinese medicine will cause pigmentation on the surface of the teeth, and the teeth will be somewhat yellowish.

4. Long-term smoking. Long-term smoking can cause visible smoke spots on the teeth.

5. Calcium deficiency. Studies have shown that due to calcium deficiency, bone density is reduced, so the ability of teeth to absorb small molecules in food is enhanced, and colored substances enter the teeth.

6. Teeth yellowing and aging. With age, the teeth gradually become less white than before, turning yellow, and even a little gray.

How to make teeth whiter?

How to whiten teeth?

1. Drink a cup of Tieguanyin after dinner. Tieguanyin is rich in fluoride, which can easily combine with calcium in teeth to form a layer of calcium fluoride on the surface of teeth, which plays the role of anti-acid and anti-caries.

2. When brushing your teeth, add some baking soda, orange peel, lemon juice, etc. to the toothpaste, which can effectively remove the dirt on the surface of the teeth and have a whitening effect.

3. A xylitol chewing gum after a meal. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that prevents plaque.

4. Wash your teeth every six months. Scaling itself can remove tartar, whiten teeth, and reduce and avoid periodontitis, but not too often.