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Issuing time:2022-04-28 10:47





On April 25, Wu Yuzhou, Secretary of the Anxi County Party Committee, led the relevant persons in charge of the County Tea Management Committee Office, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, and Transportation Bureau to Jiandou Town, Gande Town, and Changqing Town to investigate the production and sales of spring tea and the prevention and control of the epidemic. County leaders Hong Jincheng, Xiao Yinzhang, Huang Hanyang and Wang Gang participated together.

Wu Yuzhou and his party went to Jiandou Town Spring Tea Picking and Production Epidemic Prevention and Control Service Point, Gande Town Qitai Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Gande Expressway Entrance and Exit, Changqing Town Fudi Village Party and Mass Service Center, Dashan Lover Tea Co., Ltd. and other places , Talk to the person in charge of the tea company and the staff at the duty point to learn more about the tea picking and production, market conditions and the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures this spring.

During the survey, Wu Yuzhou pointed out that tea is a beautiful business card of Anxi County, a pillar industry of Anxi County, and an important industry that enriches the people. Relevant departments at all levels must adhere to the principle of "taking both hands and making sure of both", coordinating epidemic prevention and control and spring tea production and sales, and ensuring service with heart and emotion; multi-faceted publicity must be carried out to connect with market customers and tea buyers in a timely manner It is necessary to do a good job of entering the security report and registration in advance, and strictly implement various epidemic prevention measures to ensure that prevention and control are not slack and development is not stopped.

Wu Yuzhou asked that relevant tea companies should seize the opportunity of spring tea production and sales, standardize the production standards and processing procedures, improve the quality of tea, and increase the income of tea farmers; they should target market demand, focus on market development and brand building, and continuously improve product added value and market competitiveness. , to make the tea industry bigger and stronger, to be a loud and bright tea brand; to further promote the spirit of craftsmen, to play the leading role of Anxi Tieguanyin master and famous craftsman, to stimulate the enthusiasm of Anxi tea people to study tea and make good tea, and improve the tea making process. level, and promote the high-quality development of the tea industry

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