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Issuing time:2022-04-27 22:45








First, learn the relevant knowledge of tea.

If you are new to the tea industry and don’t know much about tea knowledge, you can ask more industry experts and friends who open tea shops. In short, you should learn more, at least learn how to distinguish the quality of tea. If you want to open a good tea shop, you must also learn tea knowledge. If you find it difficult, you can also choose to join the brand. Brand franchise companies generally have professional related training.

When choosing a brand to join, we should also keep our eyes open and do not join blindly, otherwise there will be a lot of unnecessary trouble and loss. After a good brand joins, there will be professional tea art teachers, tea evaluation teachers, and many years of store operation. Experienced teachers, centralized training for us, make it easier for us to be the boss. Zhongxutang provides online and offline support, and a professional team escorts the franchise partners.

Then, learn about the tea market.

If you want to open a tea shop, as an investor, you need to do more market research, understand the tea market, understand tea prices, tea quality and other aspects. The tea market is mixed right now, many wholesalers see people's dishes, and it's easy to be deceived if you don't know the market. In order to find more and better supply, for beginners, it is recommended to buy a small amount of goods and feel enough trust after long-term cooperation with wholesalers.

Finally, the quality of the selected products should be layered.

When opening a tea shop to buy goods, the quality of the selected products must be graded. In the process of opening a store, it is necessary to do a good job in publicity and increase the popularity of the store. It is said that you get what you pay for, and customers who can consume high-priced products generally have financial strength. If they want to sell high-priced products well, they need a stable customer base; on the contrary, just wanting cheap and not caring about product quality will result in low-quality products in the store that will not be loved by customers. As customers, they are definitely picky about tea, everyone is the same. When they see cheap products in stores, they naturally don't buy them.