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Anxi Tieguanyin

Issuing time:2022-04-27 22:36

The excellence of Tieguanyin lies in the combination of the right time, place and people, such as: Tieguanyin tea tree varieties, planting environment, weather requirements, soil requirements, tea tree renovation, tea quality and richness, tea aroma, etc. Tieguanyin is higher than Tieguanyin. other tea varieties.

The outstanding specific performance of Tieguanyin is as follows:

1. Variety of tea tree: Tieguanyin tea tree is called "red heart and twisted tail peach". The typical tea sage Lu Yu's "Tea Classic" has the purple one, and the green one. This species itself has the advantage of absorbing the essence of heaven and earth.

2. Planting environment: Anxi, the origin of Tieguanyin, is known as Xiamen's "back garden". Fujian is a land of eight Fujian, with eight mountains, one water and one field, but Anxi is 9 mountains, water and fields. There is basically no heavy industry in the county, and there is even very little light industry. Especially in the tea-producing area, there is almost no industry. Only cement roads, houses and cars show modern civilization, and pure agricultural production is basically reserved. All of the above provide good natural conditions for Anxi to produce good tea.

3. Weather requirements: the growth of tea trees, especially the formation of aroma, the temperature difference between day and night is extremely important. Anxi Tea Mountain is above 600 meters above sea level, with an average altitude of 800 meters. It is the highest mountain from Xiamen at 0 altitude, so the temperature difference between day and night is 20 degrees. Left and right, long-term clouds linger. When the sun is in the sun, the tea will produce photosynthesis to generate a fragrant aroma, and the temperature will drop suddenly at night, and the fragrant aroma of the day will be stored in the tea. There is also sufficient rainfall to ensure the vigorous growth of tea trees.

4. Soil requirements: Tea trees need to absorb the essence of heaven and earth, and good soil is essential for the growth of tea trees. There are many Anxi Mountains, and most of the tea leaves are planted on the mountain. Therefore, the soil on the tea mountain is extremely conducive to the growth of tea trees, which provides a solid foundation for the excellent quality of Tieguanyin.

5. Tea tree management: If the tea tree grows too fast, the nutrition of the tea leaves will be less, the tea leaves that grow earlier are already rough and the newly grown tea leaves are still very tender, such Tieguanyin cannot have good quality, and the tea leaves made Lots of tea stems. The best growth of the tea tree is to keep 3-4 leaves for the newly grown tea leaves. When the first leaves are aged and tender, the last bud has grown to 70%. This tea green is the basis for processing high-quality Tieguanyin. Therefore, the management of tea gardens is very important, not only to allow the tea trees to grow normally, but not to let the tea trees grow too much.

6. Tea tree refurbishment: In order to ensure the quality and nutrient-rich tea, the best tea age of Tieguanyin tea tree is 3-8 years. The output of Tieguanyin tea tree is low in three years, but the tea quality is high; It is the best state of Tieguanyin. Although the tea yield was high in 8 years, the quality of tea was also declining due to the decrease in the nutrition of the tea trees, so basically at this time the tea trees were considered to be dug up and replanted with new tea trees.

7. Tea picking: Tieguanyin picks spring tea and autumn tea. When the picking season comes, the weather is extremely important. Only Tieguanyin can be picked on consecutive sunny days. And you have to wait until the tea leaves are in the best condition, and the tea leaves are rich in nutrients at this time. It basically needs to grow three or four leaves, and the top bud also needs to open to 70%.

8. Tea processing: The initial processing of Tieguanyin is basically carried out by farmers. The tea leaves that are picked need to be dried. If there is no sun, the quality of Tieguanyin will be greatly reduced at this time. The fermentation process of Tieguanyin also requires good weather cooperation. If the weather does not cooperate, the tea farmers will be exhausted and half-dead, and they will even be served by air conditioners.

9. Selection of tea leaves: After rough processing of Tieguanyin tea leaves, the selection process begins to remove tea foam, tea stems, and old leaves, dead leaves and thick leaves in tea leaves. Then the tea leaves are screened, sterilized by infrared rays, lightly roasted and dried before being packaged.

Ten. Tea quality: Tieguanyin has natural orchid fragrance and Guanyin rhyme, which is unmatched by other teas, and Tieguanyin tea is far ahead of other teas in terms of nutrition and tea polyphenols. Therefore, Tieguanyin's outstanding health functions are widely accepted, especially for weight loss, and it is beyond the reach of other teas.