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1. It is produced in the place of origin and the raw materials are safe.

Tea is a special product with geographical indications. The origin is pure tea tree species. The authenticity of tea is guaranteed at the source. The most important thing about tea is the drinking value, and its safety is the first. lost meaning. Daoyuan relies on the original Daoyuan ecological tea plantation, and uses natural agricultural methods for ecological planting and management of the entire industrial chain. The tea garden has formed a mixed biodiversity of flowers, grass, tea, trees, animals and other species. The tea tree grows in an excellent environment. The source of planting grasps the safety and quality of tea.

2. Made by traditional craftsmanship.

The production process of traditional Tieguanyin is complex and complex, requiring skilled skills, watching the greens and making them, and simmering them slowly. Daoyuan Ecological Tieguanyin follows the traditional authentic taste of oolong tea and is refined by masters with more than 20 years of experience in tea making.

The traditional authentic flavor type Tieguanyin is roasted to become the strong-flavor type Tieguanyin.

Not all types of Tieguanyin are suitable for storage, the most suitable for storage is the traditional Tieguanyin made of pure and high-quality raw materials through traditional craftsmanship.

How long can Tieguanyin be stored for?

Chenxiang has been stored for at least five years. With the passage of time, the old-fashioned Tieguanyin with good quality is limited edition. Year is an important criterion for measuring the quality of old tea, but it is not the only criterion.

Usually we don't have much experience to predict the best drinking period of a tea. The taste and taste of old-flavored Tieguanyin vary according to the length of storage time and the flavor. A better way is to take it out and drink it regularly. If you feel good, drink it while you are enjoying it, and save it while you drink it, so that you can experience the wonderful changes in the tea flavor that occur with the aging time. We save tea and drink it is the main purpose, but we can experience the taste of time brewing more.

Chen Xiang, after being sculpted by time, has receded from the anxiety of the baking fire, and aged into a full, thick and smooth Chen Yun taste.

The greatest significance of a brew of tea is the sensory experience and taste imprint it brings to the drinker.

When we drink tea, what we can have for a long time is the memory of drinking tea, as well as the health protection and psychological maintenance provided by healthy and assured tea.

Saving tea is the same as exercising, reading, and drinking tea. The best time is now.