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安溪铁观音产地 农忙时节话春茶

Issuing time:2022-04-26 15:28
















After nearly half a year of brewing and gaining momentum, the tea tree sprouts new buds in the spring season. The spring climate is mild, the water is suitable, the photosynthetic intensity is low, the tea tree grows normally, the tea buds are strong, the mesophyll is hypertrophic, the color is green, and the leaves are soft. Tea leaves are rich in content, high in amino acids and pectin substances, and low in polyphenols, so spring tea has a fresh smell, soft water quality, sweet and mellow. Spring tea is relatively resistant to bubbles, and it can be said that "seven bubbles have an aftertaste, and nine bubbles have an aftertaste". In addition, the temperature in the spring tea season is low, and the occurrence of pests and diseases is relatively small. Generally, the high-altitude areas suitable for tea production do not need to spray pesticides. Spring tea is safer and healthier!

"On the sunset platform, when the spring breeze is sipping tea. Shi Lan strokes the pen diagonally, and Tong Ye sits on the inscription poem. Jadeite sings on the truss, and the dragonfly stands on the fishing line. It is prosperous today, and there is no period of communication." "Five Songs · One") The tea leaves in spring are tender and fresh, with elegant orchid fragrance, charming Guanyin rhyme, and the entrance is as if the breeze is blowing, refreshing and comfortable, with a taste of nature, which will make you unforgettable and forget to return!

In autumn, the air is high and the air is high, the temperature is high, the rain is less, and the sunshine is strong. After the spring tea of the tea tree is picked in summer and summer, the aroma of autumn tea is high, but the taste is pure and relatively weak!

Because the aroma of autumn tea is strong, coupled with the heavy rain in spring, it is not conducive to tea production, so many tea lovers who like full aroma think that autumn tea is better than spring tea. Bailu (referring to autumn tea)".

Spring tea and autumn tea have obvious differences in terms of dry tea, aroma, taste, etc., but both are very distinctive and have their own strengths. Tea lovers have their own advantages, or both spring and autumn teas are liked. The benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. It is difficult to simply judge which is better and which is worse!

Looking at the major tea types, most of the teas are of the best quality of spring tea, and even many tea species such as green tea are only harvested for spring tea.

Don't pursue too early, too new, too strong in the spring tea, pay attention to the difference from person to person, pay attention to drinking in moderation.

ten miles of spring breeze,

Better than a cup of spring tea.

When the tea is warm in spring, make a pot of spring tea,

smell the fragrance of tea,

Taste the mellow flavor,

read beautiful poems,

Intoxicated in the boundless spring,

Cleanse your body and mind.