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安溪铁观音 消青、消正、正味、消酸

Issuing time:2022-04-25 13:08















1. Fragrant Tieguanyin

Fragrant Tieguanyin all need to be shaken, fermented, and stir-fried, but the degree of fermentation is different, and the taste of the tea leaves produced is different.

Eliminate Tieguanyin

Xiaoqing tea belongs to mildly fermented tea, green tea leaves, strips are tight, soup color is clear soup green water, rich aroma, lightly smelling the bowl, the aroma is tangy, the aroma of the soup is high, the water in the mouth is thick, 2 to 5 bubbles is the best quality, Not resistant to foam.

Tieguanyin is suitable for gift-giving (people who do not know Tieguanyin), especially those from the north of the Yangtze River. Most of these people do not know much about tea, and many of them use the color of tea leaves and tea residues to identify good or bad, which is unscientific . Some people drink Qing Tieguanyin at night and have symptoms such as insomnia and gastrointestinal discomfort. It is recommended that such people drink less.

Elimination of positive, positive taste of Tieguanyin

Elimination of positive and positive taste belong to the longer fermentation time. It is usually fermented until about 12:00 noon the next day. The tea bar is red and yellow, and the color is not as good as Xiaoqing. The water of the tea soup is clear and green and white, the entrance is instantly sweet, the body fluid is moisturizing, and the Guanyin rhyme is very strong. The aroma will be divided into various aromas with the difference of fermentation time and frying time, floral and fruity. Foam-resistant, some can be soaked to 10 bubbles.

Xiaozheng and Zhengwei Tieguanyin are suitable for home accessories, especially popular with old tea ghosts. Compared with Xiaoqing, Xiaozheng and Zhengwei tea leaves are not good-looking. This is its characteristic. Some people who don’t understand it think that this tea is not good, but it’s not true.

Acid-eliminated Tieguanyin

Acid-eliminating Tieguanyin belongs to moderate fermentation. The fermentation time is longer, and it is usually fried in the next night or in the early morning. Acid-eliminating Tieguan is green in tone, green in soup, sweet in taste, and sour in strong rhyme. Drinking acid-eliminating Tieguanyin is mainly to drink the sweet and sour flavor of Tieguanyin.

Most of these Tieguanyin can't drink, especially if you have a bad stomach, it is recommended to drink as little as possible.

2. Luzhou-flavored Tieguanyin

Carbon-baked Tieguanyin is usually called Luzhou-flavored Tieguanyin. This type of Tieguanyin is mainly baked with charcoal for a period of time on the basis of the fragrance type Tieguanyin iron. There are osmanthus fragrance, orchid fragrance and so on.

The carbon-roasted Tieguanyin is black in the shape of a bar, and the soup is dark and deep, similar to rock tea, full of aroma.