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铁观音安溪哪里产的最好?感德茶 祥华茶 西坪茶

Issuing time:2022-04-23 15:40









To say that Anxi Tieguanyin was first discovered and invented in Xiping Town of Anxi, however, in terms of overall quality, average price and quality, Xiping Town is really not the best. Tea is none other than that.

Gande Town has a high altitude and belongs to the Nei'an River area. It is one of the ideal planting places for Tieguanyin. Gande tea has been famous for a long time, and it has won the title of the first town in China's tea industry.

The color of Gande tea soup is light and bright. Use a cover bowl to brew, and the soup will not be cloudy after soaking for a long time. The color of the soup is light green, clear to the bottom, and the mouth of the soup is sweet and refreshing.

The fragrance is strong and lasting, and it can almost overflow the room, making people eager to try it. The aroma has a alpine rhythm. Whether it is smelling the lid of the cup, or the entrance of the soup, or even when brewing and removing the lid, it is like an orchid.

A good ecological environment and high-quality soil structure have created the high quality and high price of Gande tea. However, there are still many ecologically good tea areas in Anxi. Can good tea be produced just by virtue of the good ecology? Obviously, this is not enough.

It is not groundless that Gande can win the title of the first town in China's tea industry. This is closely related to the courage of local tea farmers to innovate. The first batch of innovative and successful tea after the reform and opening up.

Gande tea is mainly distributed in Huaichuan Village, Longtong Village, Shimen Village, Qiyang Village, Xiating Village, Pantian Village, Huadi Village, Daban Village, Fude Village, Xiachun Village, Lingxi Village, Xiazhong Village, Dage Village Village, Wujia Village, Yangshan Village, Hongyou Village, Weicuo Village, Huaidong Village, Huaizhi Village, Huaiyang Village, Xiayun Village, Ludi Village, etc. The quality of Tieguanyin in Yangcun, Dage and these villages is the best.

If you have enough experience in purchasing Gande Tieguanyin, you can buy it directly at the tea wholesale market in Gande Town Market. The peak trading period for spring tea is about 7 days before the beginning of summer, and the autumn tea is around the cold dew. These two time periods Tieguanyin is the best, and some are driving directly to various administrative villages to buy tea farmers directly, but this requires familiarity with local conditions. Not every Tieguanyin produced by Gande tea farmers is of high quality. This article is about the average value. .