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纯种铁观音 红心观世音 安溪铁观音

Issuing time:2022-04-23 15:37

















1. Introduction to the Red Heart Tieguanyin:

Purebred Tieguanyin: also known as the original red-hearted Avalokitesvara, red-like Avalokitesvara, and red-hearted Avalokitesvara. First of all, the appearance of the [Red Buds and Twisted Tail Peach] is one of the characteristics of the red heart Tieguanyin. Due to its delicate nature and a natural temperament, its resistance to adversity is relatively poor, resulting in scarce production. Tea farmers often jokingly call it a small skill. He has a great temper and is not easy to serve! Therefore, there is a saying that "it's good to drink and not to plant", which makes the variety more valuable. "

2. So, how can you tell if the Tieguanyin you bought is the "Red Bud Crooked Tail Peach" Red Heart Tieguanyin?

First: look at the origin of the tea

The core production area of Tieguanyin is in Anxi County, and the core production area of the pure-bred Tieguanyin planting "Red Bud and Crooked Tail Peach" is undoubtedly Xianghua Township, Anxi County. Therefore, the origin of Tieguanyin is the primary premise to distinguish.

Second: look at tea rice

The tea buds have the characteristics of "red-like crooked peach", the mesophyll is thick, the finished tea is thick and firm, and there is no feeling of lightness; the surface of the leaves is very concave and convex; and the tea stems are relatively thick, brown-red and flat.

The dry tea color is dark green or sandy green, not the kind of striking blue or green [*Note: If it is particularly emerald green or withered yellow, it is generally not]

Third: smell the tea, taste the tea

The red heart Tieguanyin is made by traditional handmade, with high aroma, strong and long-lasting, mellow and sweet, Guanyin rhythm, the tea soup is golden yellow and green, clear and bright. The mouth, tongue, teeth and gums all have a stimulating and clear feeling. Notice! The color of the soup is not too white, nor is it turquoise.

The tea soup is clear and clean

Fourth, foam resistance

The authentic red heart Tieguanyin is very resistant to soaking, and has always been known as "seven soaks with lingering fragrance", and after the second soak, the more soaked, the more aroma! There is also the so-called good tea is not better, but worse, the method is very simple, soak for 3 minutes, the taste is still not astringent, the aroma is still there, there is no obvious difference in taste, instant good tea!

Fifth: exhibition tea bottom

The most basic feature of the authentic red heart Tieguanyin is "the thickness of the leaves, the reverse roll of the leaves, and the symmetrical structure up and down, left and right". Take the brewed tea leaves, if the leaves are oval, the leaves are thick and soft, and the leaves are shiny, like the satin surface, and the edges of the leaves are rolled back toward the back of the leaves. That means it's the real good tea

The tea base is thick and the tea fragrance is overflowing

This evaluation is from Pinduoduo, the official flagship store of Guodie