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Issuing time:2022-04-21 15:24






The most striking feature of Tieguanyin is its "high fragrance and high rhyme", which is also what tea people call "orchid fragrance and Guanyin rhyme". Its quality features are: the rope is fat, curly and tight, the color is sandy, the soup is golden and bright, the aroma is elegant and rich, like orchid fragrance, the taste is mellow and sweet, the teeth and cheeks stay fragrant after drinking, and it is sweet and productive, and it is still good after brewing for many times.

Tieguanyin can be divided into three series of products: fragrant, fragrant and aged.

The fragrant Tieguanyin tea is made from Tieguanyin tea, which is selected, sieved, winnowed and dried by slow fire. Its main quality features are: the shape of the rope is fat and tight, the color is sandy green, oily, even and clean, the fragrance is fragrant and lasting, the taste is fresh, mellow and sweet, the rhyme is obvious, the soup color is golden and bright, and the leaf bottom is thick and soft.

Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin Shuangtieguanyin Maocha is made from raw materials through stalk picking, screening, winnowing and baking. Its main quality features are: fat and firm appearance, sandy brown and oily color, uniformity and cleanliness, rich and lasting aroma, mellow and sweet taste, bright rhyme, golden and clear soup color, soft yellow green manure at the bottom of leaves and red edges.

Chen-scented Tieguanyin tea is used as raw material, and the Tieguanyin product with Chen-scented quality features is made by unique processes such as stalk sorting, screening, blending, baking and storage for more than five years. Its main quality features are: dark brown color, firm knot, even and clean, obvious Chen-scented, mellow taste, dark red or orange soup color, soft and even dark brown leaves.