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Tieguanyin brewing method 铁观音冲泡方法 英语翻译

Issuing time:2022-04-20 22:20

Tieguanyin is rich in tea interest, from aroma to rhyme ... Tea making is also a bit particular.

Take a 150ml tea making appliance as an example. To ensure a safe taste, the ratio is 1: 30, and the amount of tea is not less than 6.5g. Mineral water is recommended for making tea, and the water temperature must be 100℃ boiling water.

There are two reasons: First, all oolong tea must be baked; Second, all oolong tea must be fragrant.

To stimulate the aroma and taste of tea, you must use boiling water. Tieguanyin is a spherical tea, and the teapot should not be too wide, but if it is wide, the fragrance will be dispersed. It should be closed and wide-bellied, and the wall should have a certain thickness.

Next, just remember a few four-word secrets: fast in and out, soup out, lukewarm.

The first two should be understood by everyone. What does the latter mean? When tasting Tieguanyin, the temperature should be slightly higher than that of black tea, preferably at 45~55℃, because this temperature can experience the fragrance, rhyme, sweetness and moistening!

The profound tea fragrance, the wonderful rhyme, the mellow, sweet, fresh and slippery taste, which is the charm of Tieguanyin.

Tieguanyin's tea interest

Tieguanyin has always been a tea misunderstood by many people.

Where is the misunderstanding? Misunderstanding it is green tea!

The interesting thing here lies in some people's misunderstanding of tea classification: tea is not simply classified according to color, but the basis of tea classification is the production method, that is, the technology.

Tieguanyin, however, is a genuine oolong tea process, which has to be shaken and baked. In fact, the traditional technique of Tieguanyin is very different from the new technique.

Generally, Tieguanyin, a new technology, uses air conditioning to keep low temperature in a closed space, so as to retain the greenish color and fleeting "flower fragrance" of tea leaves and tea soup, and it is often difficult to make tea green thoroughly.

If the green tea is not in place, whether it is Tieguanyin or other oolong tea, regardless of the severity of baking, the irritation to the stomach is basically still there.

On the other hand, if you do green in place, the stimulating ingredients contained in it will be fully oxidized, and the burden on the stomach will be much reduced no matter how heavy the baking fire is.

Luzhou-flavor, fragrant and mellow

Orchid fragrance and Guanyin rhyme are the important features of Tieguanyin, and the aroma and taste are in the same strain and integrated.

The aroma of Tieguanyin comes from variety, region and craft. Compared with other single varieties, its diversity, richness and irritation are also special.

For example, Tieguanyin has three fragrance types, and the common ones are faint scent type and strong fragrance type.

The fragrant Tieguanyin is often deeper and more flavorful than the fragrant Tieguanyin.

Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin is a traditional taste and a continuation of a simple classic taste.

Technically speaking, Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin is exquisite in its temperature. It is necessary for an experienced tea maker to master the baking temperature and degree just right, not too much, not too much, so as to be "ripe" and "warm" enough, not "over-heated" or "burnt".

Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin is divided into light fire, medium fire and old fire due to different temperatures; Because the baking materials are different, they can be divided into charcoal baking type and baking type, resulting in different fragrance, so experienced tea lovers should be able to enjoy different pleasant tastes.

After baking, tea leaves, catechins, etc. will be transformed, and saccharification will transform polysaccharides into monosaccharides, containing more than 100 kinds of aroma substances.

Therefore, Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin is strong, sweet and warm, refreshing and beneficial to thinking, and can nourish the yang of human body; Rich in protein and sugar, it can generate heat, warm the stomach and replenish energy.

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