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Issuing time:2022-04-15 13:56




Rattan tea, also known as Maoyan Qingshuang tea, Qingshuang ancient rattan tea, Shenxian tea, Longxu tea, etc., is a pure natural and pollution-free vine tea with the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, moisturizing the throat and invigorating the lungs. It has become popular in the market in recent years because of its unique flavor and efficacy.

This year, the working team in the village and the two committees of the village branch actively planned the development of the planting industry in the village, and transferred 50 mu of land for the cultivation of rattan tea. The model of "company + base + cooperative + poverty alleviation households" was adopted to drive the local poverty alleviation households to become rich and increase their income and ensure the bottom line. With the income model, the masses become the participants and beneficiaries of industrial development, thereby increasing the collective economic income of the village and improving the villagers' life happiness index.

According to Zhu Liangliang, the person in charge of the company, rattan tea can be picked in the second year of planting, and it will enter the high-yield period in the third year. The average annual net income during the high-yield period can reach 5,000 yuan/mu. Xiao Si, secretary of the Quantang Village branch, said happily that the rattan tea planting base has created income-increasing conditions for local villagers to "work at home", and the contracted land has also become a source of income, allowing local villagers to get rich "Highway", the annual income of the village collective cooperative will reach 100,000 yuan, and it will also allow the village's poverty-stricken households to embark on a well-off life.