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铁观音茶叶忌讳的味道 The taboo taste of Tieguanyin tea

Issuing time:2022-04-15 13:38

1. Burnt taste

The burnt smell of tea leaves is caused by improper curing and roasting.

When fixing greens, if the time and temperature are not carefully controlled, the temperature is high and the time is too long, the tea leaves will have a burnt taste. The fixing of fermented tea is to stop the action of enzymes, the water will evaporate quickly, and the tissue will soften.

If it is a tender tea, it has a lot of water and a thin tissue, and it needs to be killed at a low temperature and for a short time. If the tea is old, the moisture is less, the curing time is short, and the temperature is high.

If the baking temperature is too high, or if it is too hastily, it will have a burnt taste if it is not stirred frequently.

2. Smell

The stuffy smell is stuffy yellow, water stuffy, and red stuffy.

The stuffy yellow smell means that the fresh leaves pile up and heat up, and the steaming phenomenon occurs in the baking. The time of rolling and wrapping is longer, which will cause a vacuum layer.

The red stuffy taste refers to the tea leaves that are stuffed in the bag for a long time when they are rubbed.

The water-stuffy smell refers to the piles of dew greens and rain greens, which are not spread out and cannot be cooled in time, or in order to increase the leaf temperature and promote fermentation before the greening is finished, the greens are piled up, and the water is insufficient to make greens.

3. Bitterness

The bitterness of tea depends on the situation, and many tea leaves have a bitter taste.

It mainly depends on whether it can disperse quickly after the entrance. If it does not disperse all the time, it is possible that the main reason for the bitter and astringent taste is due to the poor production process. Tea.

4. Light taste

Tea leaves are bland and tasteless. One of the main factors is that the tea leaves are thick and old, withered and watered excessively, or improperly rolled.

Summer summer tea or winter tea will be relatively thin, and the rain will be earlier, which will cause the tea to have a weak taste.

5. Musty smell

If the tea leaves are stored incorrectly and stored for a long time, they will absorb the moisture in the air, breed fungi, and will have a musty smell when they become damp.

6. Green flavor

The green flavor is the original flavor of natural plants. The main reason for the green flavor in tea is the lack of efforts in drying, making and killing the green. Of course, there are other reasons:

(1) When tea green is withered indoors, the room temperature is too low, the humidity is too high, the water in the tea leaves is not smooth, and the fermentation cannot be carried out normally.

(2) During the tea making process, sunlight withering or improper stirring resulted in insufficient fermentation and green flavor.

(3) During cultivation and management, if there is too much nitrogen fertilizer, the tea leaves are dark green, the aroma is insufficient and the taste is weak and green.

7. Sour

Some tea leaves are in the process of finalization, initial drying, and after rolling, they should be spread out to dry, then fermented, rolled the next day, and then dried.

During the fermentation process, the initially dried tea leaves have a lot of water, which promotes the activity of microorganisms, and the tea leaves have a sour taste.

8. Odor

In addition to its own taste, tea also has a strange smell, which is peculiar smell.

If the storage is improper, the surrounding odor will be absorbed by the tea leaves, and the quality of the tea leaves will deteriorate, resulting in an unpleasant odor.

9. Smoke smell

Smoke smell is caused by improper handling of tea leaves, high temperature, long time, tea leaves falling on fuel, fireworks emitted, tea leaves inhaling charred smoke smell,

Or the production environment has a smoke smell, which is the smoke smell factor that makes the tea.

10. Fire smell

The drying process is to ensure the quality of tea leaves. Tea leaves dried at high temperature have a fire smell.

The fire-flavored tea leaves are stiff and not slippery, and there is no rhyme in the throat.