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Tieguanyin is the best oolong tea. It is produced in Gaoshan Village, Gande Town, Anxi County. Tieguanyin belongs to oolong tea and is a semi-fermented tea. Compared with green tea, it is less irritating to the stomach.

Production process: drying --- greening --- drying --- fixing --- rolling --- drying and baking --- picking stems

Soup color: golden yellow, clear, bright

The quality characteristics are: the tea sticks are curled, fat and round, heavy and even, and the color is sandy green; the overall shape is like a dragonfly head, a spiral body, and a frog's eye. After brewing, the soup is golden yellow and bright like amber. , Hui Gan has a long history, commonly known as "sound rhyme", Tieguanyin tea has a high and long-lasting fragrance, which can be described as "seven bubbles with lingering fragrance"

Efficacy: clear mind and eyesight, lose weight and beauty, prevent cancer, reduce radiation

When the stomach is not good, do not drink too much of the fragrance-type Tieguanyin, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause re-injury; charcoal roasted tea is made of tea leaves after charcoal roasting, charcoal roasted tea is warm, if you are afraid of hurting your stomach, You can drink some charcoal-roasted Tieguanyin; aged Tieguanyin, after years of aging, has a high degree of fermentation and is more nourishing for the stomach, so it can also be drunk with

How many bubbles of Tieguanyin tea is the essence?

One water, two tea, three and four are the essence

The first brew of water is mainly to say that the fermented tea needs to be washed, and the first cup of brewed water should be poured out. The first is to wash the tea to wash away the dust in the fermentation process, etc. The most important thing is to wake up the tea, in order to make the tea The flavor is better brought out. The second tea is mainly about the precipitation of tea polyphenols in large quantities, the taste is strong, the tea fragrance is budding, and it is ready to be released. Three soaks and four soaks are the essence, mainly talking about the unique Guanyin rhyme and orchid fragrance of Tieguanyin at this time, and the tea soup aroma and taste are the best.