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Issuing time:2022-04-13 14:54








Tieguanyin tea is a kind of tea that many people like. Many people drink it at night without affecting their sleep. With the unique fragrance, many of my friends drink Tieguanyin tea all year round. What is the price of Tieguanyin? It's hard to answer the question suddenly. Different packaging, different prices; different weights, different prices; different sales points, different prices; online purchases, physical store purchases, the prices are also very different. Below I will introduce the price of Tieguanyin under the same packaging and simple packaging; the weight is 500 grams; it is the market price. Only then can it be compared.

Tieguanyin between 60 yuan -120 yuan. This is the most popular, and many people buy Tieguanyin at this price because it is particularly impact-resistant, cheap and very affordable. If you buy more than 2 catties at a time, there will be many discounts.

Tieguanyin between 120 yuan -180 yuan. This is also what many people are willing to buy. It has a strong aroma, a long aftertaste, and is resistant to impact and drinking. The price is acceptable, and many shops have discounts.

Tieguanyin between 180 yuan and 280 yuan. The price of Tieguanyin at this price is already mid-range, and the taste of tea is already good. The aroma of the tea is obvious, and there is a slight sweetness in the mouth after drinking. Some people who are more sophisticated in life buy more of this type of tea.

Tieguanyin between 280 yuan and 380 yuan. This tea does not need to be washed with water, and it smells very fragrant. Rinse in boiling water, the leaves relax. The veins are clear, making people seem to see its vitality. When you drink it, the aroma seems to be intoxicating, and it has been fragrant to the bottom of your throat.

Tieguanyin above 380 yuan. This Tieguan is dark green in tone, with a leaf showing different colors. After boiling water, the fragrance is strong and the fragrance lasts for a long time.

Tieguanyin above 500 yuan. This Tieguanyin is plump in shape, strong in leaves and fragrant. After being washed many times, the leaves are like silk and satin, as if they were just picked. After rinsing, it is sweet, fragrant, and has an endless aftertaste, making it more resistant to brewing. There is a strong aroma in the brewed tea leaves. Ordinary people, they are reluctant to drink this kind of tea every day.