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安溪铁观音 喝好茶,茶喝好,喝茶好

Issuing time:2022-04-11 11:30
















Tea drinkers form a habit of health care in their daily living habits, so drinking tea is a healthy way of life. In the process of drinking tea, we can not only enjoy the nutrition and health care brought by good tea, but also improve our thinking and realm during tea tasting, which allows us to appreciate tea and sublime in life.

Tea is a cup of thoughtful water. Only at the moment when your lips lightly open is the perfect contact between ideal and reality.

If there is no part of drinking tea, it is a big taboo to judge the quality of tea based on its appearance alone.

It is said that Dongpo once took off his official clothes and went to the temple in a commoner suit. It happened that the abbot in the temple was a snobby person, and his identity was wrong again and again, so he staged the "Sit, please take a seat, please take a seat; tea, serve tea, The farce of serving a good tea" was ultimately laughable and generous.

The same is true of some teas. Before entering the water, they are like eagles' claws, and their appearance is rough and not worth mentioning.

As soon as it stretches, it is like a jasper floating flower, and the fragrance fills the room, which is impressive and stunning.

From the Xialiba people to the spring and white snow, sometimes what is lacking in the middle is just a pious heart of the tea drinker.

Therefore, no matter what the quality of the tea in front of you looks like, the first thing a tea drinker should do is to wash his hands, prepare a set of neat cups, scald them with warm water, and then pour the tea into the cup with concentration.

When the water vaporizes, you can enter a world of fragrance just by closing your eyes and sniffing.

Drinking tea is a date between people and tea. Only by moving forward happily and treating each other frankly can we avoid a sudden cup of good tea.

Perhaps, not every cup of tea can surprise you. But life is like chocolate, you never know what the next piece will be like.

For those who love tea, every time they drink tea, it is like opening a mysterious treasure box, and that kind of anticipation in closing their eyes and sniffing lightly is already a kind of enjoyment for them.

People who neglect to drink tea are like swallowing dates wholeheartedly and ruining things, which is a disappointment to tea. People who are timid about drinking tea are like talking about soldiers on paper and talking about dreams. This is betrayal of themselves.

It is also an elegant thing to make a pot of tea, make an appointment with three or five friends, and each taste the fate of oneself and the beautiful things in the cup.

I hope you can experience the joy of drinking tea, and be able to meet, a cup of tea that belongs to you.