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Is Tieguanyin cool or hot?

The question of whether Tieguanyin is hot or cool mainly depends on the fermentation and baking process in the later stage. Generally, fermentation can be divided into full fermentation and semi-fermentation. Baking also includes raw tea and cooked tea. The longer the fermentation time, the baking is cooked. The higher the degree, the less cooling the tea.

Of course, the taste is also completely different. For example, the brown color of raw tea is clear, the aroma is striking, the entrance is fragrant, and the aftertaste is sweet. The cooked tea has a deep brown color, a thick entrance, and a strong aftertaste. Everyone has different preferences. In the past few years, fresh-flavored raw tea was popular. In the past two years, strong-flavored cooked tea and some traditional handmade teas have become popular.

The Tieguanyin tea we usually see is mainly divided into four categories: light fragrance, strong fragrance, carbon cultivation, and old fragrance. Generally speaking, Qing-flavor type and Chen-flavor type Tieguanyin belong to cooling tea, while strong-flavor type and charcoal tea are hot.

Who is Tieguanyin suitable for?

1. In traditional Chinese medicine, our constitution is divided into dry heat and deficient cold, and Tieguanyin is also divided into cool and hot. Therefore, friends who usually have the habit of drinking tea need to pay attention.

Tea tasting should vary from person to person according to their constitution. People with dry and hot constitution should drink herbal teas, such as freshly produced fragrant and aged tea, while those with deficient constitution should drink hot teas, such as strong aroma type, Carbon culture. Friends with a bad stomach can choose a hot tea that nourishes the stomach.

2. In fact, the hot and cold properties of tea do not refer to the characteristics of the tea itself. As mentioned above, it mainly depends on its processing method. Therefore, Tieguanyin can be said to be both hot and cool. Because the fragrance type and aged tea are cooler, while the strong fragrance type and carbon culture type are hotter.

Then here is a reminder to everyone that when drinking Tieguanyin, you should also choose different flavors of Tieguanyin according to your physique. For example, friends who have the habit of smoking and drinking are more likely to get angry, and it is recommended to drink cool, fresh-flavored and old-flavored Tieguanyin.

To sum up, the properties of Tieguanyin with different fermentation degrees are different, some are cool and some are hot. When choosing to drink, we can choose the appropriate tea according to our individual physical condition.