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Issuing time:2022-04-10 15:16











As a consumer, if you want to identify the best Tieguanyin tea soup, you can consider the following points to identify:


1. Look at the color of the tea: Generally, the color of low-grade Tieguanyin is all black, the medium is red-black, the superior is black-green, and the color is oily black and blue-green is the best Tieguanyin.

2. Tasting tea soup: If the bitterness of the tea is definitely not a good tea, the sweet tea is the top grade, and the tea is sweet, pure and green is a good tea.

3. Smell the fragrance: Generally, the fragrance of Tieguanyin tea is light fragrance, light fragrance, strong fragrance and original flavor. You can distinguish the quality of tea from these points.

The identification method of superior Tieguanyin

You can start by looking at the shape, color, smell, and taste of the rhythm to distinguish the quality of tea.

1. Shape view: Advantages "Tieguanyin" tea sticks are curly, strong and heavy, with a green pedicel and green belly, the shape of a dragonfly. Look at the color of the tea: all black is definitely a low-grade Tieguanyin; red-black is a mid-sole and other Tieguanyin; a black-green color is a high-grade Tieguanyin; oily black turquoise is a top-quality Tieguanyin, the above is in combination with the following Tea tasting can determine whether he is good or bad.

2. Check the color: the soup is golden yellow, thick and clear. One of the characteristics of "Tieguanyin" tea leaves is the outer curvature of the leaf back, which has a silky luster, which is the best, followed by the dark red soup.

3. Smell the fragrance: The high-quality "Tieguanyin" tea soup is full of fragrance, and you can smell it when you open the lid and hold the cup. It has a unique aroma that is fragrant and lingering. Tieguanyin tea has different fragrances: light fragrance, light fragrance, strong fragrance, and the original flavor can distinguish the quality of the tea.

4. Taste rhyme: The ancients have a wonderful saying that "before you taste the taste of nectar, first smell the holy fragrance". Take a sip and turn your tongue slightly, you can feel the mellow and fresh tea soup; swallow slowly, the sweetness is dense and the flavor is endless. As for the unique "Guanyin Yun" should be interpreted? So far, the tea people have not been able to say it clearly, and they have to leave it to future generations to judge. This is also the charm of Anxi's "Tieguanyin".