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During the Apocalypse period of the Ming Dynasty, Xiong Kaiyuan, the newly appointed county official of Yixian County in the south of the Yangtze River, brought a book boy to Huangshan Mountain for a spring tour.

When the elder was brewing tea for a guest, the magistrate looked closely at the tea leaves, which were yellowish in color, shaped like a sparrow's tongue, covered with pekoe, and brewed with boiling water. He saw that the hot air circled around the edge of the bowl, and when it turned to the center of the bowl, it rose in a straight line. feet tall, and then turned in a circle in the air, turning into a white lotus flower. The white lotus rose slowly and turned into a cloud of mist, and finally dispersed into wisps of hot air that wafted away, filling the room with fragrance.

The magistrate asked the back and found out that the tea was called Huangshan Maofeng. When he parted, the elders presented a bag of this tea and a gourd of Huangshan spring water, and instructed that this spring water must be used to brew the white lotus.

After the magistrate of Xiong County returned to the county government office, he was visiting from Taiping County, an old friend of his classmate, so he performed the brewing of Huangshan Maofeng. The magistrate of Taiping was very surprised. Later, he went to the capital to report to the emperor, and wanted to offer immortal tea to invite credit.

The emperor ordered to enter the palace to perform, but the white lotus wonders did not appear, the emperor was furious, and the Taiping magistrate had to tell the truth that it was donated by Xiong Kaiyuan, the magistrate of Yi County. The emperor immediately ordered Xiong Kaiyuan to enter the palace for trial. After Xiong Kaiyuan entered the palace, he knew that he had not used Huangshan spring water for brewing, and after explaining the reason, he asked to return to Huangshan to fetch water.

Xiong Zhixian came to Huangshan to meet the elders, and the elders handed over the mountain spring to him. In front of the emperor, he brewed the Huangshan Maofeng in the jade cup again, and there was indeed a spectacle of white lotus. The emperor smiled and said to Xiong Zhixian: "I miss you for serving tea, and I will promote you to be the governor of Jiangnan. "

Xiong Zhixian was overwhelmed with emotion, and thought to himself, "Huangshan's famous tea is of high quality, how much more is it a human being?" So he took off his official uniform and jade belt and came to Huangshan Yungu Temple to become a monk.

Today, on the roadside under the Yungu Temple, where the pine trees enter the clouds and the bamboo road is built, there is the ruins of the tomb pagoda of the master of Bo'an, which is said to be the tomb of the monk Zhengzhi.