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The legend of West Lake Longjing 西湖龙井传说 英语翻译

Issuing time:2022-04-10 15:12

Legend has it that when Emperor Qianlong went to the south of the Yangtze River, he saw several village girls picking tea in front of more than ten green tea pods. He was so happy and learned to pick tea. Just picked a handful, suddenly the eunuch came to report: "The queen mother is ill, please return to the capital quickly." Emperor Qianlong heard that the queen mother was ill, so he put a handful of tea into the bag and rushed back to the capital day and night.

In fact, the queen mother only ate too much delicacies from mountains and seas, and her anger rose for a while, her eyes were red and swollen, and her stomach was uncomfortable, and she was not seriously ill. At this time, when I saw the emperor coming, I only felt a fragrance coming, so I asked what good things I brought.

The emperor also felt strange, where did the fragrance come from? He touched it casually, ah, it turned out to be a handful of tea leaves from Shifeng Mountain in Hangzhou. After a few days, it had dried up, and the rich aroma was emitted from it.

The queen mother wanted to taste the taste of the tea. The maid brewed the tea and sent it to the queen mother. It was fragrant and fragrant. The queen mother took a sip, and her eyes felt more comfortable. The Queen Mother said happily: "The tea from Hangzhou Longjing is really a panacea."

Emperor Qianlong saw that the Queen Mother was so happy, and immediately sent an order to seal the eighteen tea trees in front of Hugong Temple at the foot of Shifeng Mountain in Hangzhou as imperial tea, and pick new tea every year to pay tribute to the Queen Mother.

Up to now, the 18 imperial tea trees are still preserved in front of the Hugong Temple in Longjing Village, Hangzhou, and many tourists to Hangzhou make a special trip to visit and take pictures.