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Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore Mystery

Issuing time:2022-04-10 13:26

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Mystery continues the magical bloodline of the series and the multi-line parallel narrative method, but this one has made a new adjustment, which is more suitable for the taste and caters to fans and fans, especially in the portrayal of characters, especially When shaping the representative idols in the movie, the purpose is very clear - knocking CP is very enjoyable!

Uncle Yuan tries his best not to spoil the most important things based on his personal impressions. First, the Scamander brothers' rivalry is too exciting. These two "British retro handsome" brothers are too charming. They have both The sense of security of a high-quality senior, and the ignorant temperament of a young teenager, the charm of brother Theseus is much more than the previous one. Of course, Newt himself is the protagonist. He has enough scenes and portrays him with enough details. It's normal for him to be liked by us, plus a caring, clean and handsome young man who loves animals, he is the darling of girls. And there are many scenes in this movie, the two brothers have a good heart, and the author consciously "bundles" them together to design the plot, especially the emotional details in those scenes are too brotherly CP, and even a trace of it can be seen from the inside. Little shy. It's very British and very retro - so good!

If "Fantastic Beasts" is a big gathering of magical animals at the beginning of the century, and you sing and I will appear, the number of animals in "The Crimes of Grindelwald" will be significantly reduced, and this one is almost all of them. The Fantastic Beasts scenes have been given to the absolute C-ranked sniffing and protecting the tree. After three works, the two of them can already "form a group" and make their debut immediately. They are too cute and have been polished by three works. , what is particularly valuable about these two magical animals is that in the absence of performances such as line performances, they simply rely on their limbs and magic to give them character. This is a huge highlight in this work. I believe that sniffing Sniffing and protecting the tree will also become the highest-grossing movie merchandise of "Magic Academy"!

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Mystery

I personally think it's better than the previous episode, but mainly because of the presence of monsters that I prefer. That Newt prison scene saved the movie in my opinion, adding not only the horror and tension but also the unexpected comedy.

I think whether you like this film depends on what you care about. If you are a fan, you will naturally not be disappointed by the magical charm of the film. Different kinds of mythical beasts have appeared before, but this time there are amazing, cute, and scary ones. The above-mentioned episode of Newt saving his brother is the most exciting one.