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If you are a person who has no money or resources and wants to get rich, understanding the Jewish thinking of "collecting tea" may give you a chance to turn around. There was a jew who had a quick mind. He went to the tea house to collect tea. The first time he received 100 catties, the price was 1,000 yuan per catty; the second time he received 200 catties, and the price was 2,000 yuan per catty; the third time he received 300 catties, the price is 3,000 yuan per catty, but in the end, the tea sellers lost everything, and the Jews made a lot of money.

This clever Jew had no money or resources, but he wanted to get rich. He studied the Talmud that his father left him every day at home. Suddenly, he had an epiphany, and he thought of a way to make a fortune.

He found a good friend and lent him a capital of 500,000. The Jew went to a tea house. He knew that the tea leaves in the tea house were ripe and needed to be sold urgently.

The Jews came to the tea house and told the owner of the tea house that their tea was very good. Jews have to buy 100 jin first, and the price is 1,000 yuan per jin. The tea owner was very happy, because the price was much higher than the market price, and he did not hesitate to sell it to the Jews.

The tea owner was very happy when he accepted the 100,000 yuan from the Jews.

A few days later, the Jews came again. He told the tea boss that the last time the tea sold well, he wanted to buy 200 jin this time, and the price was 2,000 yuan per jin. The tea boss quickly prepared another 200 catties of tea and received 400,000 yuan from the Jews.

A few days later, the Jew came to the tea house again. He said that this time he wanted to buy 300 catties of tea, and the price was 3,000 yuan per catty. The tea owner was very happy, and he said to the Jews, could he give a few days, he sold out the tea two times before.

The Jews said to tell the owner of the tea house that the tea could not wait, and he would take it away this time. The owner of the tea house didn't want to miss this opportunity to make a fortune. He asked the Jews to wait, and then went to the tea house next door to buy tea.

The tea owner went to another tea house, and the owner of the tea house told him that the price of tea had risen, and it cost 2,500 yuan per pound. The tea boss calculated in his heart that he could earn 500 yuan per catty, and 150,000 yuan for 300 catties. So he spent 750,000 yuan to buy 300 catties of tea from another tea house.

When the Jews returned home, they found that the Jews had already disappeared without a trace. It turned out that this was a Jewish plan, and the owner of another tea house was his friend who borrowed money.

After careful calculation, the tea boss made 100,000 yuan for the first time, 400,000 yuan for the second time, and 750,000 yuan for the third time. He lost a total of 250,000 yuan. The Jews earned 250,000 yuan. Friends who have borrowed money are divided equally.

From this story, we can understand at least two truths, one is that the Jews are very smart, and the other is that the owner of the tea house is greedy for cheap. When the price is much higher than the value, beware of the pitfalls in it.

Of course, the above is just my little knowledge of the Talmud.

In the "Talmud", it is easy and fast to make money by exploiting people's greed for cheap. He concentrated on the Jewish law of making money, mixed with a lot of economics and philosophy.

According to statistics, nearly 20% of the world's 400 billionaires are Jewish, and many have won Nobel Prizes and become philosophers and economists.

Jews are the richest people in the world and also one of the smartest people in the world. Jews can be "the world's number one businessman". Wisdom in your head and your own capital. Where is the market? Where are the Jews? Einstein said that the wisdom of mankind is in the minds of the Jews, and the wisdom of the Jews is in the "Talmud". This book lists all the Jewish examples of getting rich and the unique reflections contained in the cases. The 21st century is the age of wisdom. I need such an idea.

Buffett, a very famous stock god in the world, is still in the habit of reading at the age of 90. The knowledge accumulated from the book has become the guarantee that he can make a steady profit with every investment. Jews believe that there are only three things in life that no one else can take away from you—food you eat in your stomach, dreams you hide in your heart, and books you read into your brain.

The world's investment king, Warren Buffett, started out as a little-known textile company, Berkshire, and magically turned into a closed-end fund company in about 30 years, and then became a an equity company. Berkshire now mainly owns stakes in some of the world's largest companies, such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, American Express, Disney and The Washington Post. His stock has also risen 2,000 times in 30 years, while stocks in the S&P 500 have risen nearly 50 times