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5月铁观音春茶新茶采摘季 开启茶乡农民致富路

Issuing time:2022-04-09 22:56









Right now is the spring tea picking season of Tieguanyin, and tea leaves in Anxi County are sprouting and ushering in the picking season. It is this piece of Tieguanyin tea that paved the way for local people to become rich.

The organic tea industry base, looking around, the tea trees are lush, covering the mountains and plains, showing new shoots. Fei was picking Tieguanyin's new tea with a bright smile on his face.

After the rain, the buds of the Tieguanyin tea garden emerge like bamboo shoots, and the local tea farmers are rushing to pick Tieguanyin spring tea in good weather. Most of these tea farmers are elderly and women. Although many elderly people are getting older, the speed of Tieguanyin tea picking is not slow at all.

Anxi Tieguanyin is favored by market consumers because of its emerald green color, fragrant color and mellow taste, but the picking time is short. Tieguanyin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a tea-making enterprise introduced by Iwaguchi Town. During this time, it also seized the time to purchase processed fresh leaves, hoping to sell them at a good price.

"We now buy more than 2,000 catties of Maojian fresh leaves every day, reaching more than 4,000 catties per day during the peak period, and more than 8,000 catties per bud and one leaf per day. Manager Ze said.

A small tea tree, a big industry to get rich. Over the years, Gande Town has always regarded the tea industry as an important starting point for the local people to increase their income and become rich. More than 6,000 acres of tea have been developed, and a tea processing factory has been built. Today, the villagers have become the tea pickers in the Tieguanyin Tea Garden, and the small tea leaves have become the "golden leaves" for the masses to get rich and increase their income.

Zou Zhuo, the mayor of Gande Town, said: "Since the large-scale tea planting in our town in 2012, we have always regarded the tea industry as the pillar industry of enriching the people and the town. We have developed more than 6,000 mu of organic tea, built 3 standardized demonstration industrial parks, and created 1 provincial brand and 1 provincial Tieguanyin tea leading enterprise.

As a high-quality tea producing area in northeastern Sichuan, Anxi is one of the national Tieguanyin tea industry belts. In recent years, Anxi has regarded the development of tea industry as an important part of modern agriculture and an important starting point for industrial revitalization. Relying on good natural environment and climatic conditions, 100,000 mu of high-standard tea gardens have been built, and 85 villages in 15 towns have built three one garden and one base in the whole region. A total of 65,000 mu has been put into production this year, and it is expected to produce 1,520 tons of Tieguanyin spring tea with an output value of 480 million yuan. This year, we will focus on the construction of ecological organic tea gardens, do finishing, enhance the regional brand of Tieguanyin, and promote the integrated development of Anxi Tieguanyin tea tourism. Fourth, make every effort to develop, improve industrial efficiency, and increase farmers' income.