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2022年铁观音春茶开采 万亩生态铁观音茶园生机勃勃

Issuing time:2022-04-09 22:34





Wanggang Town is located 9 kilometers south of Shangcheng County. It is an important connection point of the "Golden Pond" tourist attraction. The National Highway G220 passes through it. The reservoir dam is 2 kilometers away, and the water transportation is convenient. The natural ecological advantages are unique, and the tea gardens in the territory are vast, especially in Hanchong Village, which is known as the "10,000-mu ecological tea garden".

Taking 10,000 mu of ecological tea gardens as the starting point and eco-tourism as the starting point, beautify the ecological tea gardens, build beautiful rural demonstration sites, develop leading enterprises, cultivate grass-roots party organizations, gather a strong synergy to promote rural revitalization, and promote the depth of tea tourism. Integration, driving the high-quality development of the village-level economy, and striving to be the vanguard of rural revitalization.

Wanggang Town takes the revitalization of the tea industry as the entry point, regards the integration of tea tourism as the breakthrough and goal of rural revitalization, vigorously promotes the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and gives tea more added value such as ornamental and economic. Actively promote the construction of the "10,000-mu ecological tea garden" demonstration site in Hanchong Village. In the next step, we will further expand our ideas, adhere to standards, and continue to promote the construction of demonstration sites with high efficiency, high level and high quality, so as to realize the realization of growing tea, selling tea, viewing tea and tasting it. The transformation of tea.

In order to improve the tea processing capacity of the whole village, in 2021, Shangcheng County Wanmu Tea Garden Tea Development Co., Ltd. invested 5 million yuan to build a standardized spring tea production workshop covering an area of more than 1,300 acres and a summer and autumn tea production area covering an area of more than 450 acres in the village. between. At present, the spring tea processing production line has been put into use, the frying efficiency has been greatly improved, and the quality of tea has also improved significantly.

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