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Issuing time:2022-04-08 16:26











In recent years, Anxi County has made full use of its unique geographical conditions and resource advantages to vigorously develop the tea industry. Through measures such as volume expansion and quality improvement, enterprise education, and Tieguanyin brand building, the high-quality development of the tea industry has been vigorously promoted, and a steady and continuous increase in the income of the masses has been achieved.

Today, it is Tieguanyin spring tea picking season. In Chimu Mountain Village, Hexi Street, there are rows of lush tea trees. After the three seasons of summer, autumn and winter, Huiming tea buds are full, the color is emerald green, and the leaves are soft. In the tea garden, more than 10 tea farmers are busy picking Tieguanyin tea leaves in the garden. A pair of skillful hands danced among the branches and leaves. After a while, the green tea green filled the tea basket.

Lei Cunyu, a 72-year-old Tieguanyin tea farmer, is in high spirits and is skillfully "pinching the tips" with the tea pickers. He told reporters that he used to farm for a living. A few years ago, seeing the benefits of growing tea, he planted tea on his own land. Relying on tea, his income has been considerable in recent years.

Lei Cunyu is just one of more than 300 tea farmers in Chimushan Village. As the origin of Huiming tea, every household in Chimushan Village grows tea. The annual output value of tea is more than 30 million yuan. A small piece of tea leaves a villager on the road. The road to wealth.

Tea farmers are busy picking tea in the tea garden

Tea companies engaged in tea processing

This time, it's full throttle

Every evening, the clerks are busy packing the tea leaves processed during the day and sending them to various places. Xie Lijing, Marketing Manager of Zhejiang Qier Tea Industry Co., Ltd., said: "The processing plant now processes about 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms of green tea every day, and sends out 200 to 300 boxes, with a turnover of several hundred thousand."

At present, the tea planting area in our county is 73,100 mu, and the picking area is 59,000 mu. There are more than 40,000 people engaged in the tea industry in the county. Pan, director of the tea industry center of the County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, told reporters that since the beginning of March this year, due to the continuous rise in temperature, nearly 20,000 mu of Baijing series products in our county have been launched in advance, and the output and output value of tea have increased significantly.

In recent years, our county has firmly adhered to the two bottom lines of development and ecology, insisted on taking the Tieguanyin tea industry as a green ecological industry and a characteristic advantageous industry, and promoted the Huiming tea industry through the introduction of various support policies and innovative brand operation models. development, and drive the people of Shexiang to increase their income and become rich.