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For example, use a tea cup to brew ordinary red and green tea, put about 3 grams of dry tea in each cup, brew with about 200 ml of boiling water, and cover it for 4-5 minutes before drinking. The disadvantages of this brewing method are: if the water temperature is too high, it is easy to scald the tea leaves (mainly green tea); the water temperature is low, it is difficult to brew the tea flavor; and because of the large amount of water, it is often impossible to drink it all at once, soaking for too long, and the tea soup will change Cold, color, aroma, taste are affected.

The improved brewing method is: after putting the tea leaves into the cup, first pour a small amount of boiling water to immerse the tea leaves, cover for about 3 minutes, add boiling water to 70% or 80% full, and drink it hot. When there is still about one third of the tea soup in the cup, add boiling water, so that the concentration of the tea soup before and after can be more uniform.

According to the measurement, when the tea is soaked for the first time, its soluble substances can be leached out by 50-55%; the second time, about 30% can be extracted; the third time, about 10% can be extracted, and the fourth time, the There's not much left. Therefore, it is usually advisable to brew three times.

For example, after drinking black tea and green tea with fine particles and fully kneading, after brewing with boiling water for 3-5 minutes, most of the active ingredients are leached out, and you can drink it quickly at one time. Drinking instant tea is also a one-time brewing method.

Small purple clay pots are often used to drink oolong tea. In the case of using a large amount of tea (about half a pot), the brewing time should be gradually increased from the second brew, so that the concentration of the tea soup before and after is more uniform.

The temperature of the tea water and the amount of tea used also affect the length of the brewing time. If the water temperature is high, the tea should be used more, and the brewing time should be short; if the water temperature is low, the tea should be used less, and the brewing time should be long. How long is the brewing time? The concentration of the tea soup is suitable for the taste of the drinker as the standard.

According to research, after one brewing, the leaching rate of various active ingredients is very different. Amino acids are the most soluble components in water, and the extraction rate of one brewing is as high as 80%; followed by caffeine, the leaching rate of one brewing is nearly 70%; the leaching rate of tea polyphenols is low, about is about 45%; the leaching rate of soluble sugar is lower, usually less than 40%.

Black tea is generally more twisted than green tea in the process of processing, especially black tea, which has small particles and high cell breakage rate, so the extraction rate of one brew is often much higher than that of green tea. At present, tea bags are increasingly popular at home and abroad. Tea bag is not only convenient to drink, but also can increase the leaching amount of effective substances in tea and improve the concentration of tea soup. According to comparison, the brewing amount of tea bag is about 20% higher than that of bulk tea.