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As an ancient cultural country, China has a long history in terms of life and leisure. For example, tea culture, many people like to drink tea, especially in Chengdu, Sichuan, where drinking tea has become a local cultural symbol.

Whether it is black tea or green tea, there will be many origins and types and brands, and tea has even become an important cultural element for people to study and discuss.

Can the tea "expired" still be consumed? It's not too late to know now, many people still don't know it, know it sooner rather than later! Before that, let's take a look at whether tea has a shelf life?

As a kind of food, tea is used for drinking and naturally has a shelf life. There is no doubt about this, but different tea leaves have different shelf life depending on the production process and storage method.

The shelf life of tea varies according to the quality of the tea itself, and the shelf life of different teas is also different. The better the variety of tea leaves, the longer the time, the more fragrant, the better the tea, and the stronger the tea flavor.

For example, Pu-erh tea and dark tea are better if they are aged, and their shelf life can reach ten to twenty years.

As long as the finished tea product itself is dry and stored properly, there will be no mildew, and there will be no shelf life if there is no bad transformation.

Even if green tea turns yellow after a period of time, its aroma and taste change, it only changes its characteristics. As long as it does not become moldy, it is still drinkable.

According to this principle, you should not care about the shelf life marked on the tea packaging. After all, as long as the storage environment is guaranteed, the tea can be stored for a long time.

Under normal circumstances, tea can be stored for about two years, but black tea is not recommended for long-term storage.

As for the preservation of tea leaves, many people have made a mistake. In fact, as long as some teas are stored properly, they can still be drunk even after the time has passed, and some good teas are obviously drinkable, but they are thrown away because they think they are broken after the expiration date. It's a waste of good tea leaves.