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Issuing time:2022-04-06 20:31






I have a very good and kind English teacher, I like her very much.

Her surname is Hu, and we all call her Teacher Hu or Sophia. She was beautiful, with jet black hair that was often tied in a ponytail. The face is round, the eyebrows are curved, and the watery eyes seem to be able to speak. In class, as long as the classmates saw her eyes, they would immediately sit upright. Her cherry-like mouth speaks as nicely as she sings. Teacher Hu also loves sports, and her figure is also very slim.

Mr. Hu's class is very lively, his voice is very loud, and the knowledge points are explained in great detail. Once the principal and teachers came to listen to Mr. Hu’s open class. We were very serious and cooperated well with Mr. Hu, and were well received by other teachers and principals. Teacher Hu also loves to praise classmates, and often buys some gifts for everyone. When she was named an excellent teacher last year, she gave each of us a toy, and we were all overjoyed.

Mr. Hu is also an amiable person. Whenever students ask questions, he will answer them patiently every time. Sometimes when I get a question wrong, she asks me if I don't understand, circles the key words, and explains patiently; sometimes she texts or calls my mom to praise me for being very positive in answering questions recently , or tell my mother that I need to consolidate my vocabulary, and my English foundation is getting better and better.

This is my excellent teacher Hu, as gentle and kind as a mother, I really like her!

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