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Issuing time:2022-04-04 13:00

Zhengshan Souchong and Jin Junmei taste

(1) Zhengshan Souchong is a kind of black tea. Its soup color is orange-yellow, which looks very beautiful and tastes very good. It has a natural floral taste but not strong, and it tastes very sweet and refreshing. There is also the taste of longan incense and smoky rosin.

(2) The shape of Jin Junmei is slender and slender, a bit like the shape of an eyebrow, and the golden variegation looks very unique. It tastes like a traditional fruity taste, and some have floral and honey fragrances. The taste makes you want to drink it. The soup color of Jin Junmei is bright golden yellow, which also gives a good visual effect.

The difference between Zhengshan Souchong and Jin Junmei

Difference 1: Appearance

In terms of appearance, the tea leaves of Zhengshan Souchong are very uniform, the color is a little brownish-cyan, and it smells with a faint floral scent; while the shape of Jin Junmei looks very slender, such as the shape of eyebrows, in the The color is mixed with some gold and has a very traditional fruity flavor.

Difference 2: Tea raw materials

Lapsang Souchong and Jin Junmei are both black teas. Although they are both picked from the same tree, the freshness is different. When Jin Junmei is picked, it is the young leaves that have just sprouted on the tea tree, the freshest tea leaves are tender and tender.

Difference three: production process

Although they are all black teas, there are still differences in the production process, but the differences are not big. The two are only different in production and fermentation. Zhengshan Souchong pursues traditional methods in production, while Jin Junmei pursues innovation and improvement. Therefore, the taste and aroma of the two are different.

Difference 4: The taste of tea

There is still a big difference in taste between Zhengshan Souchong and Jin Junmei, and the taste of Jin Junmei will be lighter than that of Zhengshan Souchong. Friends who like light flavors can choose Jinjunmei tea. Jinjunmei tea is made through smokeless or light smoke treatment. The taste of Zhengshan Souchong is heavier than that of Jin Junmei.