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News Detail


Issuing time:2022-04-03 12:09

"Xianghua Guanyin, the best tea in tea", in order to further gather the consensus of Xianghua tea lovers to promote Xianghua Tieguanyin and help the development of the tea industry, Xianghua Township Party Committee and government plan to launch "I speak for Xianghua Tieguanyin" Video broadcast activities, specific matters are as follows:

1. The theme of the activity

I speak for Xianghua Tieguanyin.

2. Participants

All tea lovers who like Xianghua Tieguanyin can participate, including but not limited to local tea farmers, tea companies, tea merchants, and foreign subway Guanyin lovers.

3. Collection time

April-June 2022.

4. Activity Arrangement

1. Participation rules: Participants can shoot videos in the form of individuals or groups, shoot and make short video clips in the first person to introduce Xianghua Tieguanyin or tell stories related to Tieguanyin, and recommend Xianghua Tieguanyin.

2. Video requirements: The content is closely related to the theme, active and healthy, the picture is clear, the lens is stable, the video duration is controlled within 3 minutes, the video format is mp4, the aspect ratio is 16:9, and the pixel is 1920*1080.

3. Video submission: The original video can be submitted without editing and production of music and subtitles. The video submission can be accompanied by text content such as the participant's personal introduction and company introduction.

4. Video usage: Publish and broadcast on the township government's public account "Tea Fragrance Xianghua" to promote Xianghua Tieguanyin. The order of publication and broadcast is in the order of the video collection.