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Issuing time:2022-04-03 12:03



西湖龙井被称为“绿茶皇后”,十大名茶之首也是西湖龙井而不是泛指龙井。西湖龙井有此殊荣绝不是浪得虚名,早在宋朝时产区就初步形成,到清乾隆时期更是盛极一时,新中国成立后,各位领袖对西湖龙井都偏爱有加。西湖龙井茶外形扁平挺秀,色泽绿翠,清香味醇, “色绿、香郁、味甘、形美”,我们普通人也爱呀。



In the spring tea season, my heart is itching to buy some West Lake Longjing, because I want the authentic West Lake Longjing. You must know that not all Longjings are called "West Lake Longjings", only those produced in the West Lake Scenic Area are called West Lake Longjings. It's a bit of a twist, but it's the truth. In Zhejiang, the main production areas of Longjing are West Lake production area, Qiantang production area and Yuezhou production area, with a total area of about 733 square kilometers, of which West Lake production area is about 14.4 square kilometers, accounting for only 2% of all Longjing production areas. When we buy Longjing in the market, there is a high probability that it is not from the Longjing produced in the West Lake production area.

Why do you want to buy West Lake Longjing?

West Lake Longjing is known as the "Queen of Green Tea", and the first of the ten famous teas is also West Lake Longjing instead of Longjing in general. West Lake Longjing's honor is by no means a false name. The production area was initially formed as early as the Song Dynasty, and it was even more prosperous during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. After the founding of New China, all leaders have a preference for West Lake Longjing. West Lake Longjing tea is flat and pretty in shape, green in color and mellow in flavor. It is "green in color, fragrant, sweet in taste and beautiful in shape", and we ordinary people also love it.

From another point of view, the landmark attribute of tea has a great relationship with its quality. The same variety of tea trees grow in different regions, and the accumulated flavor substances are different. The environment, soil, climate of the growing region , light, humidity, etc. will affect the quality of tea. The mountains around the West Lake Scenic Area are mostly sloping land with an altitude of about 300 meters. The annual average temperature is about 16 degrees Celsius, the annual precipitation is moderate (about 1500-1600 mm), and the soil is mostly white sandy soil, which is slightly acidic. The excellent environment has created the unique quality of West Lake Longjing.

In fact, within the scope of the West Lake production area, West Lake Longjing is also divided into a first-level production area and a second-level production area. Mei (Jiawu)" five core production areas, and the secondary production area is the Longjing produced in Xihu District except the primary production area. Tea leaves from different small producing areas will have subtle differences in color, appearance and aroma.