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安溪铁观音口味 Anxi Tieguanyin taste

Issuing time:2022-04-02 15:34

Fresh and refreshing fragrance

The fragrance-type Tieguanyin has a high and pure aroma, with an elegant aroma and a fresh and refreshing taste. It's like listening to a lot of rock and pop, and a light song "Chengdu" will make your ears light up; if you eat a lot of big fish and meat, a cup of fragrant Tieguanyin will instantly make you refreshed and refined.

Rich and rich aroma

Luzhou-flavored Tieguanyin has the characteristics of fragrant aroma and mellow taste. In recent years, it has become more and more recognized by the market.

Full-bodied, full-bodied, old-fashioned scent

"Chen-flavored Tieguanyin" is also called "Old Tie". Just like old Pu'er and old white tea, they are all old teas that have been stored for a long time. Lao Tie is a witness of time, drinking a sip of Lao Tie seems to rub all the spring into one morning. To achieve a good Chenxiang old iron, good raw materials, good craftsmanship, and good storage are all indispensable.

How to distinguish different types of Tieguanyin?

These three different flavors of Tieguanyin not only look alike, but also taste very different. By convention, we can distinguish from color, smell, taste and shape.

1. Look at dry tea

● Fragrance type: The dry tea is bright green in color, the particles are plump and tightly knotted, and the tea sticks are curled like the head of a dragonfly.

● Strong fragrance type: The particles are firm and firm, the color is dark and moist, with a little dark brown in the green.

● Chen-flavor type: dark brown with a little yellowish, oily feeling, curled into granules or strands.


smell the aroma

● Fragrance type: The fragrance is high and long-lasting, and the orchid fragrance is obvious.

● Strong aroma type: pure and strong aroma, orchid aroma, fried rice aroma, caramel aroma compound.

● Aged aroma type: The aroma is mainly roasted and aged, the aroma is harmonious and full, high and long.


View the soup color

● Fragrance type: The tea soup is light golden yellow with green, clear and bright.

● Strong aroma type: The tea soup is golden yellow, clear and bright, very similar to the color of the tea soup of Wuyi Rock Tea. Don't say it's a strong-scented Tieguanyin, and don't let you see the dry tea and the bottom of the leaves. Nine times out of ten, you will say that it is Dahongpao or Wuyi Rock tea, so tea lovers need to make their own judgments.

● Old-flavoured type: With the extension of the age, the old iron will gradually change from orange-yellow to orange-red.



● Fragrance type: The taste is refreshing and sweet, the mouth is full of saliva, the throat is smooth, and it is relatively light.

● Strong aroma type: The taste is mellow and sweet, delicate and full.

● Chen-flavor type: The aroma is mainly roasted and aged, and the aroma is harmonious and full. It is suitable for old tea drinkers with heavy tastes.


look at the bottom of the leaf

● Fragrance type: irregular zigzag. The bottom of the traditional Tieguanyin leaves has the characteristics of "green leaves and red edges". Sometimes the tea we buy has no red edge, it is not fake, but the red edge is removed. Going to the red edge is to improve and supplement the traditional craftsmanship.

● Strong aroma type: The leaves are thick at the bottom, green and black, soft and bright, even and elastic.

● Chen-flavor type: The bottom of the leaves is yellowish-brown or brown, soft and even, elastic and fresh.