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1|Proportion of serving tea

There is a commonly used ratio of 2% tea to brewing tea, which is also called 1:50, that is, 1 gram of tea leaves, plus 50 ml of water, so that you can estimate how much dry tea you need to add. ——For example, the cup in your hand can hold 200 ml of water, and it is more appropriate to put about 4 grams of tea leaves.

The ratio of tea to a pinch of tea is that you control the amount of tea you pour according to the taste you like. If it is weak, add a little more, and if it is strong, take a little tea. Just be careful not to drink too strong tea, but if you are not afraid of insomnia and headaches, I will not stop you.

2|Pour tea according to the volume of the bowl

Green and Yellow Tea:

Generally speaking, green tea and yellow tea are recognized as the freshest and tenderest of all teas, and after kneading, the extract will come out into lumps.

Key points: 1. Do not cover the lid, it will suffocate the tea soup. 2. Brew with water at 90~95℃

black tea:

The amount of black tea is also the amount that covers the bottom of the bowl, but it is more than green tea. If it is black broken tea, the amount of tea added should be reduced by nearly half, because the leaching speed of black broken tea is fast and its foam resistance is poor.

Oolong tea (common as Tieguanyin):

According to the shape, oolong tea is roughly divided into strip pie and Baozhuang pie. The amount of tea poured in strip type oolong is about 1/5 to 1/3 of the capacity of the gaiwan, while the Baozhuang oolong can cover the bottom of the gaiwan. .

Due to the special shape of the bao-shaped oolong, the tea leaves are unfolded slowly, so there is usually a warm bubble to stretch the tea leaves. This kind of semi-fermented tea, brewed with boiling water will strongly stimulate its aroma and taste, especially the alpine oolong, it must be brewed with boiling water, brewing with warm hot water can be called "waste".

Squeeze tea:

The amount of tea poured for the pressed tea is almost 1/5 of the capacity of the gaiwan. Some pressed teas are tighter and denser, so you can reduce the amount of tea to be fine-tuned.

In order to relax the tea leaves, there is often a warm bubble during the brewing process of the pressed tea. There is a saying that "squeeze tea with the lid open for less than three years, and brew with the lid closed for more than three years". The reason is that the fermentation degree of "younger" compressed tea is relatively low, and the tea soup will be brewed like green tea when the lid is closed. Stuffy, and pressed tea for more than three years does not have this problem due to self-fermentation in the later period.

White tea:

Since white tea has not been rolled, it is only a type of tea made from withered and dried fresh leaves after picking, so dry tea is generally lighter and fluffy, and the amount of tea added will be relatively large. Loose tea accounts for about 3/4 of the capacity of the bowl or 1/2. For white tea cakes, it should take up almost 1/5 of the capacity of the gaiwan.

White tea should be the best tea leaves to "control", it will not be easily brewed. If you really have no confidence and need to show your hands, make white tea decisively!

3|Amount of tea for other tea brewing methods

In addition to common tea brewing, some "off the beaten path" tea brewing methods also have some emphasis on the amount of tea.

For example, drinking tea - the most common milk tea, the ratio of tea to water is almost 1:30. Milk will be added in the post-production process. If you like the fragrance of tea, you can make the tea soup a little thicker, while those who like the fragrance of milk can make the tea soup a little weaker.

For example, cold brewing tea - often use the method of long-term cold brewing, which is roughly equivalent to 1 gram of tea leaves in 100 ml of water, directly brewed in cold water according to this ratio, put it in the refrigerator, and then take out and filter the tea leaves after six to eight hours. Oolong Lengxiang is particularly charming, with a variety of aromas such as floral or honey.

For example, the bowl brewing method - because the bowl brewing method uses a tea spoon to take the tea soup, the action of adding the soup will be slower, and the tea leaves will always be immersed in the water, so even if the tea bowl is large, do not put too much tea, otherwise the tea soup will be very easy. thicken.

Tea brewing itself is a gradual process of "fighting monsters and upgrading". Rich tea brewing experience does not bring dogmatic rules and regulations, but more casual tea drinking. After several "cultivations", for each type of tea, you will definitely be able to choose the most suitable amount of tea for your own taste.