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Issuing time:2022-03-31 10:27








1. Selection of utensils: It is recommended to use the Kung Fu tea white porcelain cup set, so that when brewing, you can not only enjoy the fragrant and elegant tea fragrance of Tieguanyin when brewing, but also enjoy the graceful posture of the bottom of the Tieguanyin leaves stretching in the water and the crystal clear tea soup .

2. Water temperature control: It is very important to control the temperature of the water for brewing Tieguanyin. The suitable water temperature is conducive to the leaching of the aroma, taste and rich contents of Tieguanyin. Tieguanyin with good quality and high altitude should be brewed directly with 100-degree boiling water to emit the contained substances. Ordinary Tieguanyin can properly lower the water temperature to about 95 degrees.

3. How much tea: How much tea do you need to brew Tieguanyin? It depends on your personal taste. It is recommended to put 7 grams of dry Tieguanyin tea for more than 12 consecutive brews, which is too much waste.

4. Brewing method: first warm the cup with boiling water, and then add 7 grams of Tieguanyin to warm the tea. Or the wall of the glass cup is poured into the water thinly, which can ensure the clarity and beauty of the tea soup.

5. Water discharge time: After the first injection of boiling water, Tieguanyin should be left in the cup for about 5 seconds, and then each bubble can be delayed for 5 seconds. In the later period of more than ten bubbles, the water can be reheated to boiling.

6. Brewing water: choose high-quality mineral water or well water, preferably soft water (low mineral content).

Sitting in the tea room, boil the spring water and make a pot of Anxi Tieguanyin.

Attentive, meticulous, and elegant - you can get a good cup of tea between the world!