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铁观音初制工艺 Tieguanyin initial production process

Issuing time:2022-03-31 10:27

Primary production process: ten major processes, tea green (fresh leaf) → sun drying → cool green → shaking green (shaking green → ← spread green) → stir-fried green → kneading → primary baking → initial wrapping and kneading → re-baking → ← complex Packing and kneading→drying→maocha (preliminary finished tea).

  1. Green drying: It takes 20-40 minutes when the sunlight is oblique in the evening or when the sunlight is weak in the afternoon. Temperature: the leaf surface temperature is below 35 ℃; the amount of leaf spread: 0.5-0.75 kg of leaves per square meter, the thickness is 2-3 cm; the weight loss rate is 4-10% of the weight of tea green, and the water loss is even. That is, the leaf color turns dark green, with a slight green smell, and the leaf stalk is continuously bent and slightly elastic.


  2. Cool green: Evenly spread the tea green after drying or shaking it on the hedge, place it on the cool green rack, and let it cool. Spread of leaves: 0.75-1 kg per hedge. Duration: 0.5-1.5 hours. Weight loss rate: 1-2% of the weight of tea green. That is, the leaf color changes from dark to light and then slightly darkens, and the leaf state changes from soft to hard and then slightly soft.


3. Shaking (stand) green: Put the green tea after cooling into the green shaking cage and shake it. After shaking the green, pour out the green tea in time, and spread it on the fence for cooling.


Tradition is hand-cranked like this


Hyundai is this shaker electric shaker

(1) Duration: Shake the green and spread the green alternately for many times, which lasted 8-16 hours. The number of rotations of shaking green is firstly less and then more, the thickness of cool green spreading leaves is first thin and then thick, and the cooling time is first short and then long.

(2) The amount of leaf throwing: 1/2 of the body capacity per cage. Shaking times: 3-4 times. Weight loss rate: 6-14% of the weight of tea green. That is, the green pedicle is green and the belly is red, the leaves turn yellow-green, the leaf margins are bright red, the green flavor fades away, the soft and elastic feeling is revealed, and the green fragrance and variety fragrance are revealed.

4. Stir-frying greens: According to the principle of "high temperature, fast and short time", master the appropriate amount of leaves, stir fry evenly, heat up quickly, and properly retain water.


The tradition is roughly like this


Most of the modern times are mechanized and fried like this.

Temperature: Cylinder wall temperature 260-280℃. Time: 4-8 minutes. Leaf volume: 4-6 kg. Weight loss rate: 18-22% for green leaves, moisture content 35-45%. That is, the leaf color turns dark yellow-green and loses its luster. The leaf stalk skin is slightly wrinkled, the leaf stalk is soft, and the leaves are slightly clumped by hand, slightly prickly and slightly elastic.

5. Kneading: Appropriate pressure to initially curl the fried green leaves into strips, the time is 3-5 minutes, and the curling rate is over 90%.


I used to knead like this


Modern times are mostly mechanically rubbed like this

6. Initial baking: based on the principle of "appropriate high temperature and rapid spread". The thickness is 1.5 cm, the temperature is 90-120 °C, the thickness of the baking cage spread is 2-3 cm, and the temperature is 80-100 °C. The weight loss rate is 10-15% of fried green leaves.


It used to be baked like this

7. Initial wrapping and kneading: The speed wrapping machine and the wrapping machine are alternately performed, the pressure is slightly lighter, and during the wrapping and kneading process, several times of deblocking and turning are performed. Pack a towel with 3-6 kg of leaves.

  8. Re-drying: The temperature of the dryer is 90-100 °C, and the baking cage is 80-90 °C. The degree of grasping the slight thorny feel of the tea leaves is about 70% dry.


This is how it is dried in modern times

  9. Repackaging and kneading: The speed charter machine and the packer kneading machine are alternately carried out, and the pressure is gradually increased. During the kneading process, multiple deblocking, turning and sieving are carried out. After the last wrapping, tighten the cloth and set it for 1-2 hours. Repeat 4-6 times of re-baking and re-packing.

10. Drying: "low temperature slow drying" is adopted, and it is carried out twice.


It's more likely to be dried like this in modern times.

"Fire" baking, temperature 70-90 ℃, bake until 80% dry, and then cool down for 1-2 hours; "baking" baking, temperature 60-80 ℃, bake until the tea stems are broken by hand. The moisture content of tea leaves is within 4-6%.

Air-conditioning tea making technology

Its initial production process: fresh leaves → drying green → cool green → shaken green (lightly shaken green ← thin spread green → long cool green) → heavy fried green → cold bag kneading → low temperature baking → foot dry hair tea and other 7 processes , divided into three stages: air conditioning, greening, frying, and rubbing.

Focus on mastering the environment and three stages of doing youth

  1. Create a green room environment: keep "moderate low temperature, low humidity and air circulation" as the principle.

(1) Construction of the green room: The green room refers to the shaking green room and the cool green room.

(2) Configuration of greening equipment: mainly including air conditioners, exhaust fans (or ceiling fans), dehumidifiers, mobile greening racks, temperature and humidity meters, etc.

(3) Regulate the greening environment: Before cooling the greening, generally turn on the air conditioner 15-20 minutes in advance, set the temperature of the air conditioner at 18-20 °C, and pre-cool the greening room, so that the fresh leaves can be slowed down in time after entering the greening room. Enzymatic oxidation rate of fresh leaves. After that, the temperature of the green room is controlled at 20-22°C, and the relative humidity is controlled at 65-70%. During this period, it is necessary to adjust the wind direction of the air supply from the air conditioner from time to time to prevent the tea green from being stiffened by the wind on one side for a long time and cannot be eliminated.

  2. Air conditioning green technology: based on the principle of "sweet green, thin spread green, and long cool green".

(1) Sun drying: It is advisable to moderate sun drying. The thickness of drying green should be about 0.5 kg per square meter.

(2) Cool green: The fresh leaves after drying should be placed on a cool, clean, non-polluting water sieve or a cement floor with a drying cloth to emit heat. The thickness is about 0.75 kg per square meter. Stir lightly once an hour.

(3) Shaking (stand) green: Making green also includes two processes of shaking green and cooling green, and shaking green and cooling green generally takes 3 times. The operation is based on the principle of "shaking the green lightly, spreading the green thinly, and spreading it for a long time". The first and second times should be shaken gently, and the third time should be shaken properly to remove the astringency and preserve the fragrance. The amount of shaking green leaves: one-half of the installed capacity is appropriate.

Shaking duration: Generally, the first shake is 2-3 minutes, the second shake is 4-6 minutes, and the third shake is 8-20 minutes.

The amount of green leaves spread: the principle is to spread thinly and evenly. The first and second leaf spreads are 0.5-0.75 kg per hedge; the third leaf spread is 0.75-1 kg per square meter.

The duration of the tea planting: It depends on different conditions such as the variety of tea trees, the maturity of tea greens, the temperature and humidity between the tea plants. Generally, the first and second exhibitions last for 2-3 hours, and the last exhibition lasts for 8-16 hours.

Appearance is moderate: hand-made green leaves are soft, the leaf color is slightly yellow-green, the leaf edge is slightly red or red, the stem is full of water and green, the green gas subsides, and the tea fragrance is revealed, and then stir-fry green.

3. Stir-frying green: The principle of re-frying green is "fry at high temperature, throw the leaves properly, stir well and stir thoroughly".

(1) Temperature: The temperature of the drum wall of the drum frying machine is preferably 280-300 °C.

(2) Throwing amount of leaves: 3-5 kg each time, which is higher than the conventional greening temperature, and the amount of throwing leaves is 1/3-2/3 of the traditional method.

(3) The completion time: 5-7 minutes. The weight loss rate after finishing is 35-40%.

Appearance Moderate: There is a clear thorny feel, and the hand is slightly formed into a ball.

4. knead and bake

Based on the principle of "cold rubbing, low drying, and sufficient drying".

(1) Cold-packing and kneading: Stir-fried green leaves are kneaded for 2-3 minutes for a short time, and after cooling down the sieve, use a quick-packing machine, a flat-packing kneading machine, and a deblocking machine to perform quick-packing→packing and kneading→unclumping→sieving , Repeatedly cold pack and knead 4-6 times.

(2) Preliminary baking: After the quick bag and the flat kneading, the tea bag should be opened, deblocked, sieved, and then initially baked at a temperature of about 80--100 °C until the tea leaves have a slightly thorny feel.

(3) Re-packing and kneading: The tea leaves after the initial drying are then wrapped and kneaded for 4-6 times through the quick-packing→packing and kneading→unbundling→sieve powder, and finally the tea leaves are re-dried until the tea is dry enough.

(4) Re-baking: The temperature is between 60-70 ℃, until the shape of the tea is firm and firm, the tea sticks are fragile when kneaded by hand, the tea stems are easily broken by hand, and the moisture content of the tea leaves is between 5-6%. .