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安溪铁观音 命运无国界,利益永相隔

Issuing time:2022-03-31 10:07







What does the gull look like? For human history, individuals are too small, and the interests of a few people will not be guaranteed; compared with the universe, the earth is like a speck of dust; compared with the long river of human beings, "grudges and hatreds" are just a drop of water. With demarcation of boundaries and upholding the Cold War, how can we deal with common disasters? Therefore, I think the world should have both "boundaries" and "fences". To say that bounded is to protect individuality, and to say that unbounded is to pursue the community of human life, rather than the "community" of a few people, cognitive errors will lead to catastrophic consequences. It can be seen that how important is it to establish a correct "boundary view"?

We are in important times. Dickens said, "It was a good time, it was a bad time, it was a time of wisdom, it was a time of stupidity, it was a season of light, it was a season of darkness..." The lion ate the leopard My child, the leopard ate the wild cat, this is the law of the forest, and we are human beings, and we can't eat like meat. In an era of multiple levels and contradictions, young people should establish a correct world outlook and values. We are determined to do our best to eliminate the "bad, stupid, and darkness" in the world. Self-cultivation is inevitable. Be the best self, build the best country, benefit the people, achieve rejuvenation, and provide the world with Chinese wisdom and strategies.

Destiny is like a heavy package that should be carried together. We strive to carry the flag to lead the way and forge ahead. In the midst of unseen changes in a century, we must unite all the forces that can be united, form an unstoppable historical torrent, destroy all the walls of darkness and selfishness, and pursue the common interests and values of mankind. The death knell is for the selfish ones. Sing!

Don't send Qingyun to this body. I hope that young friends can strengthen their beliefs, use their small self to help their big self, and be trend-setters of the times.

My speeches end everywhere. thank you all!