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物理课 Physics class

Issuing time:2022-03-30 12:45






The sunlight outside the window slanted into the classroom around two in the afternoon. All the students were listless, lying on their desks and listening to the "humming" sound of the fan on the wall.

      After a while, the physics class representative came out with two more beer bottles in his hands, and some curious students craned their necks to look at the podium. Some students jeered and said, "What's in that beer bottle! Is it beer? What did the teacher ask you to do with that?" This classmate's series of questions aroused the interest of the whole class and began to discuss the two What the hell is a beer bottle for? After a while, the physics teacher entered the classroom and walked to the podium with the still familiar smile on his face.

      The physics teacher took a small wooden stick from the podium table, tapped the beer bottle a few times, and shouted to us, "Okay, students sit up and start the class." They all received the "instruction" and sat down to start getting ready for class. After that, the teacher started to tap the beer bottle rhythmically and gave us a funny smile, which made us laugh. So angry.

      After a class, the teacher did not know how many funny ways to make us laugh in order to refresh us, so as to make us listen to the class seriously. In that class, I felt that my drowsiness was completely gone, as if I had been knocked away by the teacher little by little.

      In that physics class, I not only learned what the teacher taught us, but also saw the teacher's care for us.

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