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zoo 动物园

Issuing time:2022-03-30 12:45

I have been to many zoos, and there are many animals in the zoo. My home is also a zoo, and my dad, mom and I added a lot of atmosphere to the zoo. (The beginning of the chapter leads to the following by comparison.)

Dad is a hard-working "old scalper". Take me to school every morning, and then rush to work. After finishing the day's work, I can't get home until six or seven in the evening. He is the backbone of our family. When he is free, he will check my homework, and when the weather is good, he will take our whole family to climb mountains, swim, etc. (Identify Dad's characteristics with "hard-working".)

Mom is a hardworking "little bee". I could hear her humming very early every day, and my dad and I would wake up at the same time after hearing the sound, wash and eat, and prepare to go to school and work. It is no exaggeration to say that my mother is a "little bee". She gets up early every day and is busy cooking breakfast, and when she comes home from get off work in the evening, she is busy cooking dinner. Otherwise, my father and I will both be hungry. "Little Bee" always keeps hard work and busyness for herself, and sweetness at home. (Associating the bee's dedication to mom expresses "my" gratitude to mom.)

And me? A clever little mouse. Whenever I have free time, I "nibble" the snacks in the living room, and sometimes "steal" some snacks to eat while reading in the study, and I often turn the house in a mess. Of course, I am also a diligent "little mouse". In addition to completing study tasks and training courses, I will help the house with some housework whenever I have free time. If not, I would definitely become a "cross-street rat" and everyone yells and beats me. (Associating "me" with the little mouse by stealing snacks, it looks cute and lively.)

This is my family's zoo. My "little mouse" is accompanied by a hard-working "old scalper" father and a selfless "little bee" mother. I believe we will always live in harmony and love.

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