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Tieguanyin production process 铁观音制作工艺

Issuing time:2022-03-30 10:03


When picking tea green, it is mainly collected with one heart and two leaves. Generally, the tea quality and aroma will be better when picked on a clear afternoon.

cool green

After the fresh leaves are picked from the mountains, there is a lot of water, so they need to be dried in the sunset to remove some of the water.

shake green

The tea leaves are put into the shaker and rotated, so that the edges of the leaves are rubbed and the cells at the margins of the leaves are damaged. After being placed in an air-conditioned room, the polyphenols in the leaves are slowly oxidized under the action of enzymes and cause a series of chemical reactions. changes, thus forming the unique quality of oolong tea. This is very important and usually requires shaking three to five times.

Fix it

Shake the green until the green flavor is strong, the fresh leaves are firm, commonly known as "returning to the field", the water content of the stems and leaves is redistributed and balanced, and then put into the "roller" to finish the green.


At present, machines are rolled and wrapped to make the tea rolls shrunk into granules.


Repeatedly kneading makes the leaves form particles, which are not easy to unfold, and then simmered and dried, and finally sieved and picked to make tea.

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