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Issuing time:2022-03-30 09:50





People are diligent and spring comes early, and spring tea is at the right time. At present, it is the peak season of spring tea picking, and the production of spring tea has been fully rolled out. In order to further ensure the quality and safety of spring tea, regulate the spring tea market in Ningqiang County, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the tea industry. On March 23, the County Tea Center and the County Agricultural Law Enforcement Brigade conducted a special inspection on the quality and safety of tea processing and production at seven tea companies around the county, including Qianshan, Qiangzhou, Yongde, Fengyuan, Zhiyi, Chunyun, and Mingyuan.

The inspection team went to the core tea gardens, the production and processing workshops of tea enterprises, and some corporate stores to check the budding and growth of tea on the spot, focusing on the implementation of environmental sanitation in the production workshop and the quality and safety of the production process. Introduce, understand the source of fresh tea leaves and tea harvesting situation one by one, sample and test tea samples on site, focus on checking the use of tea packaging, understand the output and sales, give on-site technical guidance on the method of tea picking, and propose the use of packaging. If there are any problems, put forward rectification opinions on the problems found in the inspection, and order the production enterprises to make rectifications within a time limit.

The inspection team requires that first, tea companies adhere to the principle of "quality first, safety first" to carry out picking work in an orderly manner, so that disinfection and cleaning records are recorded, employees' abnormal body temperature is reported, and tea picking details are registered, etc., so as to fully protect the company during the epidemic. The second is to crack down on bad behaviors such as shoddy tea and Sichuan tea pretending to be local tea, standardize the spring tea market in Ningqiang County, and maintain the good image of Ningqiang tea; "Geographical indication, standardize brand words and logos, strengthen product quality system construction and external publicity, and further enhance the popularity of Ningqiang tea products.

This time, a total of 7 tea processing enterprises, 3 tea production bases, and 5 tea samples were inspected on site, and the test pass rate was 100%. Strictly implement the technical standards for spring tea production, and further implement the concept of "ecological tea, safe tea, and clean tea" to ensure the quality and safety of tea products in Ningqiang County and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the tea industry.