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Issuing time:2022-03-29 13:32

The Origin of "Flavoured" Oolong Tea

"Fragrant" oolong tea, also known as "desktop" oolong tea. In the process of agricultural cooperation and exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan, the first Taiwan-funded enterprise dealing in tea in Fujian Province was born in Anxi in 1990. By the end of 2004, there were 25 Taiwan-funded tea companies in Anxi.

At present, there are 50 tea enterprises invested by Taiwanese companies in Fujian Province of self-production and self-sale, self-production and acquisition, pure acquisition, and tea production and sales combined with tea machines. All of these Taiwan-funded tea companies involved in the field of tea production and processing, all of them take the "flavor-type" oolong tea as the leading variety.

The quality difference between "flavor" oolong tea and traditional oolong tea

The production technology of "flavor-type" oolong tea has its own style, and its appearance and aroma are completely different from traditional oolong tea. Compared with Fujian's traditional "green-leafed red-edged" Anxi oolong tea, "flavor-type" oolong tea has obvious "two green" characteristics : Dry tea sand green, soup color yellow with green.

Its shape is spherical or hemispherical (commonly known as "mung bean shape"), after brewing, the shape of flower buds appears in the cup, the fragrance is fragrant and lasting, the tea soup is bright and bottomless, tender and sweet, and the bottom of the leaves is soft. For example, Dongding oolong tea is hemispherical in shape and tightly knotted. The dry tea color is dark green with oily luster. The aroma is fragrant and the taste is strong and fresh.

The "strong-flavored" oolong tea produced by traditional craftsmanship, including traditional craftsmanship Tieguanyin, Wuyi rock tea, etc.

Anxi Tieguanyin tea sticks are curly, plump and round knots, heavy and even, oily and red-brown in color, in the shape of a green twig and green belly; the soup color is golden, clear and bright; the bottom of the leaves is thick, with a silky luster; Unique, fragrant orchid; the taste is mellow and sweet, with a long aftertaste, and it has the reputation of "seven bubbles with lingering fragrance".

Comparison of Consumer Groups of "Fresh-flavored" and "Strong-flavored" Oolong Teas

The fragrance type is suitable for some tea lovers who like fragrance, the tea soup is light and flavorful, delicate and oily, and sweet in taste, especially those who have a lot of anger and want to drink tea to get rid of the fire and dispel miscellaneous gas through the aroma. But this tea also has its own characteristics. If it is standard semi-fermented, it can be warm, but it can be drunk by anyone all year round.

Among them, the fragrance type is mostly fermented due to the one-sided pursuit of aroma, and most of the fermentation is getting lighter and lighter. Therefore, tea lovers who drink fragrance type should preferably pay attention to whether they will drink lightly fermented fragrance if they feel sick to their stomach or if their stomach is cold. Type Tieguanyin, because this type of Tieguanyin is cool in tea, and it hurts the stomach.

"Strong-flavored" oolong tea [Tieguanyin] is suitable for tea lovers who like the rich aroma, full taste, and the fusion of tea soup and aroma, especially those who like sweet flavor. It is the best choice. Of course, there are tea lovers who have a cold stomach, or those who have an uncomfortable stomach. They are also very suitable for drinking strong-flavored Tieguanyin. Because the strong-flavor Tieguanyin is not only heavily fermented during processing, but also cooked tea after being baked with carbon.

Of course, there are also some tea lovers who love to save old tea. The stronger the strong-scented Tieguanyin, the better. After a certain period of time, it can adjust abdominal problems, such as regulating qi, moistening the intestines and nourishing the stomach.

Technical Definition of "Fresh Fragrance Type" and "Strong Fragrance Type" of Oolong Tea

The finished products made by different tea processing methods have different aroma characteristics. The processing method of oolong tea combines the advantages of black tea and green tea processing methods, and combines the process of semi-fermentation and frying. The main factors that affect the "manufacturing fragrance" of oolong tea are: greening, rubbing and baking.

do green

Both "flavor" oolong tea and "strong flavor" oolong tea require sun drying. Because the "flavor type" oolong tea is less green, if it is not greened in the sun, the fragrance will be difficult to show. Compared with the traditional Anxi oolong tea, the degree of drying of "flavoured" oolong tea is moderate to light, and the water loss rate is 8% to 12%. Generally, it is dried and mixed for 3 times before leaving the machine, and it is made green for 2 times. The room temperature is 20-22 ℃, and the relative humidity is 70%. The traditional process of the strong-flavor type is generally more than half-fermented, mainly heavy fermentation, generally the drying time is longer, and the fermentation degree of tea green is higher than that of the light-flavor type.

pack knead

In the "flavor type" oolong tea bag kneading process, it always revolves around the main line of keeping fresh and green, and rapid forming. It has better appearance and higher appreciation value. In terms of appearance, Wuyi rock tea is similar to Tieguanyin's light-flavor type, while the traditional old-fashioned Tieguanyin strong-flavor type requires tighter wrapping and tighter ropes.


Roasting is the final process of oolong tea. Traditional Anxi oolong tea also has a fire-filling process, but the fire-filling is for drying. "Fresh-flavored" oolong tea is slowly roasted in a slow fire to make the aroma of the finished product hide, enhance the aroma of the tea, and make up for the shortcomings of lighter green and less sweet aroma. In the traditional old craft of Tieguanyin, the purpose of baking is to make the tea leaves mature, which is conducive to preservation, and the aroma will be integrated into the water.

There is no right or wrong with tea, it just allows the right people to drink the right tea. "Flavoured" oolong tea and "strong-scented" oolong tea should be able to coexist without distinguishing between you and me, but we should also clearly see that light Fermented oolong tea is not a standard semi-fermented warm tea. Like green tea, it should clearly let tea lovers know that the tea is cooler.

As for the strong-flavored Tieguanyin, tea lovers should also be told that the tea is hotter. If people with a lot of anger are not suitable for drinking new tea, they should drink it after a few years. Just like raw and cooked tea, green tea and black tea, they have more strengths and more needs, very good

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