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What is Tieguanyin Autumn Tea?

The climatic conditions in autumn are between spring and summer. Tea trees grow and are picked in spring and summer. The substances in the new shoots are relatively reduced, the leaves are yellower, the buds and leaves are thinner, and the sizes are different. It is thinner, with obvious serrations on the leaf edge; the content of the content is small, the taste is mild, the water is thin and sweet, and the aroma is high.

Tieguanyin autumn tea is not as delicate and unbrewed as spring tea, nor is it dry and bitter like summer tea, but has a unique mellow taste. Therefore, old tea drinkers especially like it.

If the Tieguanyin spring tea has a fresh aroma and a faint grassy taste, then the autumn tea has a rich and mellow taste. After a summer of torment, the tea also seems to have the strongest character in time. The autumn climate is characterized by high autumn air and less rain. The tea produced in this season of Tieguanyin in Anxi has a long and fragrant aroma and a sweet taste.

What is the difference between autumn tea and spring tea?

The biggest difference between autumn tea and spring tea is in the taste. Autumn tea is neither astringent nor bitter, and the leaves contain white dew, which is really top grade. As far as the same quality is concerned, spring tea has better endurance and more resistance to bubbles, and autumn tea has better aroma and full flavor. "Spring Water and Autumn Fragrance", as the name suggests, the spring tea soup has a strong taste, strong flavor, good taste, long aftertaste, and autumn tea has a high aroma and a long flavor. Which one is better is really hard to say, it mainly depends on personal preference.

How to drink autumn tea

Tea drinking, different seasons, different regions and climatic environments, there is also a certain emphasis on choosing the right tea. Autumn is here, what adjustments should we make in the way we drink tea, and how to drink tea in autumn to be healthy?

In autumn, the climate is dry and the residual heat has not dissipated, which makes the mouth dry and chapped lips. Chinese medicine calls it "autumn dryness". It is better to drink green tea such as oolong tea in this season. Green tea is between green and black tea. It has both the fragrance and natural floral fragrance of green tea, and the mellow taste of black tea. It is neither cold nor hot, and the temperature is moderate. The role of the body in adapting to changes in the natural environment. At this time, Tieguanyin autumn tea is on the market, and drinking autumn tea is the first choice for health preservation.

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