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鉴定铁观音 Identify Tieguanyin

Issuing time:2022-03-27 11:34

How to identify Anxi Tieguanyin tea

Anxi Tieguanyin tea is the best oolong tea, its quality characteristics are: the tea stick is curled, fat and round knot, heavy and even, the color is sandy green, and the overall shape is like a dragonfly head, a spiral body, and a frog leg. After brewing, the color of the soup is golden and bright like amber, with a natural and rich orchid fragrance.

Tieguanyin tea has a high and long-lasting fragrance, which can be said to have a lingering fragrance after seven brews. The finished tea of Tieguanyin tea is as heavy as iron, beautiful in shape as Guanyin, mostly in spiral shape, sandy green and smooth in color, green stalk, with natural orchid fragrance, clear and golden soup color, mellow and sweet taste, slightly bitter in the mouth, immediately sweet and resistant. When brewing, the bottom of the leaves is developed, with green and red edges, thick and bright, and each tea has a tea branch. The fake tea leaves are long and thin in shape, with thick cords, no green and red edges, and the leaves have no fragrance after three times of brewing.

Several steps to identify Anxi Tieguanyin tea

Anxi Tieguanyin tea is a very good tea, but it is a very important process to identify Anxi Tieguanyin tea, so we must learn to identify the quality of Anxi Tieguanyin tea, and understand the quality of Anxi Tieguanyin tea. Identification skills.

The quality of Anxi Tieguanyin tea is judged by the appearance of Tieguanyin, the color of the tea soup, the fragrance of tea, and the quality of tea.

Identify the quality of Tieguanyin tea

The first is to look at the appearance of Tieguanyin tea. The strips of good Tieguanyin tea are tightly knotted and the color is dark. Of course, it takes experience to identify the quality of Tieguanyin tea. Generally good Tieguanyin tea leaves have a heavy tea experience, such as taking a handful of dry tea and putting it in a cup to smell whether it is authentic, and whether it has the quality of Guanyin rhyme. Generally, good Tieguanyin tea leaves will be very good after brewing. Clear, there will be a strong orchid fragrance, high-quality Tieguanyin tea leaves will have a strong fragrance, and the tea soup brewed from good Tieguanyin tea leaves will also have a clear golden yellow color and smell very fragrant.

The second is to look at the aroma of Tieguanyin tea. After a good Tieguanyin tea is brewed, the color of the tea soup is relatively clear, and the color of the tea soup is very bright.