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Issuing time:2022-03-27 11:20

In terms of the production process, the fragrance-type Tieguanyin is the semi-finished tea after the hair tea has been removed from the stems and debris, while the strong-flavored Tieguanyin is what we usually call the finished tea, that is, refined tea. However, what we usually drink is the light-scented Tieguanyin. When purchasing, we can distinguish the light-scented and strong-scented Tieguanyin from the appearance, inner quality, and personal favorite taste.

In terms of taste, the strong-flavor Tieguanyin undergoes high temperature, the chlorophyll is damaged, the color becomes more and more black or light green or reddish, and the tone is darker. Due to the complete removal of moisture, the rope strips are slightly lighter. The aroma is soft and sweet. The melting of sugar stove compounds and toffee saccharification make tea leaves with toffee aroma and clear sweetness, reducing bitterness and astringency, and making the taste more silky. The color of the soup is generally darker, showing "orange red" or "orange yellow". The strong-flavor Tieguanyin is more pleasing to Chen Chayou, and people who are older are more fond of it. It has also successfully become a good gift for everyone today

The fragrance-type Tieguanyin tastes light and delicious, because the fragrance-type Tieguanyin attaches great importance to the broth and freshness. The leaves are in good condition and green, so the leaves are expressive, and they look the same as when they were just picked and separated. When brewed out of the soup stock, the fragrance is high and the taste is pure, which is very suitable for appreciation. The tea leaves of the fragrance type are lightly fermented, and the temperament is also required to be dignified when baking. The water in the tea leaves is also kept a little more, the taste is lighter, and the aroma is high and long. The production process is important. It is green and has a high aroma and toughness. Fragrant and delicious, delicious, sour. The color of the tea soup is light green, the clear brewing is bright, the taste is pure, fresh, and the fragrance is sweet and stimulating.