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Issuing time:2022-03-26 13:53

"Overturning the river and overturning the sea produces oolong." It refers to the hand-shaking process in the production process of oolong tea. Shaoqing is the artificial awakening of the fresh tea leaves again and again, in order to let the fresh tea leaves lose moisture and condense the aroma from the tea polyphenols as soon as possible. Fragrant, like orchid but not orchid, like cinnamon but not osmanthus, unique and magical Tieguanyin fragrance.

The hand-made round sieve shaker is a circular shaker tool with a small mesh screen woven by bamboo craftsmen with slats. The fresh leaves are cleaner. Next, the characteristics of green tea and black tea are integrated, so that the tea after shaking has the taste of black tea and green tea, so that the inner quality of fresh tea leaves can be transformed and blended, thereby improving the quality of oolong tea. The manual round sieve shaker can make the fresh tea leaves move up and down, left and right, and tumbling in the sieve, so that the weak tea leaves are as fresh as freshly picked fresh leaves, so that the fresh leaves of the tea tree can be deeply fermented again, and promote the excellent quality of oolong tea such as fragrance The formation of rhyme, etc.

There is abundant rainfall in spring, and the fresh tea leaves are not easy to disappear. Traditionally, the fresh leaves of the tea trees should be shaken four or five times. The first two times are lightly shaken. After four or five times, the fermentation strength of the fresh tea leaves can be seen, and the degree of softness is moderately heavy. Generally, it is necessary to shake the edge of the fresh leaves until there is eel blood in order to make the oolong tea more fragrant and more mellow and kind.

The manual round sieve shaker relies on physical labor. The tea farmers make tea day and night, and the manual shaking is really tiring. Gradually, it was replaced by large-scale industry and mechanized long barrel-shaped tea baskets.

I have written many poems on the Internet about shaking the fresh leaves of the tea tree, and one of them said:

two-leaf three-leaf

in the tea cage

every beat

every roll

every shake

every sieve

fluffy tea hair

Adhered ash

Each time promotes water loss

wake up every time

Fragrant bones bestowed by the mountains

Tea rhythm of mountain spring flow marks



Sunny new tea fresh



Breathe in the natural air

The spirit of refreshing tea


not only shake once

three or four times

More than a heartbeat of tea

Nearly a thousand jumps of fresh leaves

shake green

Green waves dancing tea leaves

Let the fresh leaves of the tea tree dance a romantic dance

Shake out the black tea flavor, green tea