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Issuing time:2022-03-26 13:47

Anxi Tieguanyin is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It has a unique "orchid fragrance, Guanyin rhyme", elegant fragrance, and is the best oolong tea!

Tieguanyin is a kind of tea tree, and it also represents a kind of tea. It also represents the unique tea feeling of Anxi people. It is also the result of hard work.

Why is Anxi Tieguanyin an outstanding representative of oolong tea? The main reasons are as follows:


good variety

"The Classic of Tea" says: tea, purple is the top, green is the second.

The botanical name of Tieguanyin: red-core crooked-tailed peach.


unique leaf shape

On the leaf scroll of "The Classic of Tea", Ye Shuci.

Tieguanyin was called iron-colored wrinkled-skin generation old cream by Liu Bingzhong, a poet in the Qing Dynasty. This evaluation is completely in line with the characteristics of Tieguanyin.


unique ecological environment

Anxi is known as Xiamen's back garden, with a marine climate, but it is separated from Xiamen by dozens of mountains.

Unique high temperature difference between day and night. These all lay a solid foundation for the formation of tea aroma.


unique soil

"The Classic of Tea" says: The upper one produces rotten rock, the middle one produces gravel soil, and the lower one produces loess. There are many high-quality soils in Anxi, which are weathered soil like stone and soil.

Soil is extremely important for the growth of tea. At that time, in the tea saint era, it was impossible to have fields to grow tea.


The hard work and sweat of Anxi people

Tieguanyin is a noble person in Anxi. The people of Anxi are famous for their hard work and hard work. They pick and produce with great care, and strive for perfection. For example, hand picking, not picking tea unless the weather is good, carefully shaking the green, drying the green, shaking the green many times in the middle of the night, and waiting all night. , Timely stir-fry, and tirelessly wrap it many times. Only the industrious and hard-working Anxi people can do it!


is a tea tree,

Also represents a type of tea,

What is more representative is the unique tea feeling of Anxi people.

It is also the result of hard work,

It is the tea that is exchanged for sweat, it is the tea of love!