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Sunshine has always been busy greeting people who live an active life. And the sunshine every day is brand new and cannot be duplicated. What is life?

A grieving person will say, "Life is the distance between the dream I've been chasing and the reality."

Happy people will say: "Life is a comfortable summer night, and the starry sky can make me remember the beauty of the whole summer."

Tea people will say: "Life is the distance between me and the teacup. In my spare time, I can experience the heart of a cup of tea."

Life, why tea?

Life is always more savoury when accompanied by tea. Wake up early, whether it is cloudy or sunny, with a cup of tea that exudes a warm aroma. A good day starts with a cup of tea. It only takes a few minutes or even seconds to meditate and sip a cup of tea, let yourself be free, and let the mind let go of troubles. In the world of tea, drinking tea will make time slow down, because it is very enjoyable to drink tea.

Sometimes, due to the limited environment, it is not necessary to pay too much attention to the arrangement of tea sets and tea tables. What kind of tea to drink and what kind of taste becomes less important at this time. What matters is the mood of drinking tea. sweet. The happiness in a cup of tea is the peace of mind and indifference that I have held in my hand for a long time.

Tea is not only a need, but also a life.

Drinking tea is your own time, unloading the heavy burden, forgetting the endless troubles, and soaking all your thoughts in the tea. Because of tea, I love life more. I simply love tea, and I really love drinking tea. No matter what the unknown life is like, every day, starting from a cup of tea, I am very satisfied.

The famous thinker Rousseau once said: The people who live the most meaningful life are not those who are the oldest, but those who feel the most about life. Feeling life is like tasting a cup of tea. Life is a cup of tea. The more thoroughly we taste this cup of tea, the more thoroughly we can understand the meaning of life.

It is not easy to make a cup of tea. From the beginning of picking the tea leaves, you have to go through at least seven or eight processes. Even teas with relatively simple processes have many detailed requirements. The complexity of tea is not only It is only reflected in the production process, many of which require the precipitation of years. For example, the fermentation of the heap is not simple to complete in one or two days, so patience is required.

Similar to tea, life also requires repeated processing. We need to be patient and keep trying some possibilities. If these attempts are successful in the end, we will reap joy, and if we fail in the end, we will also reap growth, so even if there is no fear in life To fight, no matter what the final result is, we are all winners in life.

There is no such thing as smooth sailing in the world, just as even the best tea has a bitter taste, you can only experience the sweetness in the end by sharpening yourself in the bitterness. The sweetness and bitterness of tea is actually a taste, a taste of life.