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Issuing time:2022-03-26 12:29

The water temperature requirements for Anxi Tieguanyin tea are:

100°C! 100°C! 100°C!

Important things usually have to be said three times! Many articles on the Internet say that the best water temperature for Tieguanyin tea is 80 ℃, which is pure nonsense. People who really understand Tieguanyin will not use the water temperature of 80 degrees for brewing, because it will not taste delicious at all, and it will not be delicious. To remind tea lovers again, the water temperature required for brewing Anxi Tieguanyin is 100°C, and it should be boiled at the same time.

The principle of "to do good work must first sharpen its tools" also applies to Tieguanyin's brewed drinks. Tieguanyin not only has requirements for water temperature, but also pays great attention to the selection of tea sets. The white porcelain bowl is a perfect match for Anxi Tieguanyin. It makes sense to choose a white porcelain bowl to brew Tieguanyin. It can not only see the color of the soup, but also more intuitively see the color of the bottom of the leaf. In addition to the basic type of tea utensils, the tea sea, tea strainer, and small clips are all necessary tea utensils.

Prepare the tools for making tea, and then start to enjoy the "innocent flavor, holy fragrance" of Anxi Tieguanyin.

Anxi Tieguanyin bubble method

First of all: scalding the pot and warm the cup, that is, after boiling the water, scald the tea set and wash it again.

Next: Throw in the tea and appreciate the tea. After the soup pot is warmed, the tea leaves are put into a covered bowl. If you drink it alone, you can use the Tieguanyin packaged in small bubbles. If it is Tieguanyin bulk tea, you can choose the amount of tea according to the number of people who need to drink tea. At this time, you can also enjoy the strands of dried tea.

Then: "run tea". Pour into hot boiling water and rinse it off quickly. The purpose of moisturizing tea is not to remove dust, but mainly to increase the temperature of the surface of Tieguanyin tea leaves, so that the tightly knotted Tieguanyin can be slightly opened, so that the aroma of the tea juice can be brought into play when brewing Tieguanyin for the second time.

Then: Soak and smell. The second time to brew Tieguanyin, you need to cover the bowl for a while, the time can be freely controlled (increase or decrease according to personal taste), then you can open the lid and smell the fragrance.

After smelling the fragrance, pour the tea soup into the tea sea, put the tea filter on the tea sea, and filter out the tea dust. Pour the tea soup in the tea sea into a small tea cup, then appreciate the color of the tea soup, and then use a clip to hold the tea cup to the front of the guests, and a cup of delicious Anxi Tieguanyin tea will be brewed.