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铁观音生活妙用 Tieguanyin's Magical Uses in Life

Issuing time:2022-03-25 12:15

Magical use 1. Take a skin-beautifying tea residue bath

Green tea is rich in chlorophyll, vitamin C, and contains more caffeine and theophylline, which are more likely to stimulate nerves. Therefore, green tea can deeply cleanse the skin, has the effect of softening the stratum corneum, making the skin delicate and whitening.

Magical use two, can eliminate dark circles

The main reasons for dark circles are lack of sleep, overuse of eyes, and lack of vitamin B12. Applying a tea bag to your eyes is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate dark circles, which is convenient and saves money.

Magical use 3. Homemade green tea powder mask

The tannins contained in the tea powder can increase the elasticity of the skin, help to moisturise the skin and whiten the skin.

Magical use 4. Use tea to treat athlete's foot

The tannic acid component also has a strong bactericidal effect, especially for the filamentous bacteria of athlete's foot. People who suffer from beriberi can wash their feet with tea residues boiled into thick juice every night, and they will be cured over time.

Magical Use 5. Antioxidant Beats Aging

Catechin in tea is a natural antioxidant, which can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase, which is beneficial to the body's scavenging of free radical lipid peroxides, and is beneficial to fight aging.

Magical use 6. Dry tea residues absorb odors

Dry the leftover tea residues and put them in gauze bags, and put them in the refrigerator, kitchen, toilet, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., to eliminate all kinds of strange smells and odors.

Magic seven, easy to wash dishes to remove greasy

Wash greasy pot lids, bowls, etc. with tea residues to make them smoother. Some of the older generation think that it is not good to wash dishes with dishwashing liquid. Here, you can pour some tea residues on the cleaning cloth. The pots and bowls are not only easy to clean, but also make them look as clean as new.

Magical eight, to oily black hair

After shampooing your hair, rinse with tea-infused water to remove excess dirt, greasy, and make your hair black and shiny.