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八马茶业 Bama Tea Industry

Issuing time:2022-03-24 13:18

In the beautiful spring season when tea companies are busy picking, Bama Tea Industry has harvested the report card for 2021.

Recently, the certificates provided by the Wuyishan Municipal Government and the Anxi County Government show that in 2021, the Bama Tea Industry will become the first taxpayer of tea companies in the two places, which also means that the Bama Tea Industry has won Wuyi Rock Tea, Anxi Tieguanyin's origin is the crown of double first tax payment for tea enterprises.

Because of the leading quality, the sales volume is leading; because the sales volume is leading, the tax payment is the first - this is the best footnote of the excellent product quality and strong brand appeal of Bama Tea.

△Bama Tea Industry has won the double first title of Wuyi Rock Tea and Anxi Tieguanyin Origin Tea Company Taxpayer for 2 consecutive years

Behind this dazzling transcript are the three dreams of Bama Tea Industry:

Expanding from star product Pearl Buck Tieguanyin to leading in all categories; feeding back the entire industrial chain and helping rural revitalization; carrying the banner of national brands, helping tea revival and appearing in national tea narratives—Bama Tea Industry "Takes Dreams as Horses" , with three dreams striding forward.


first dream

Create competitive products and achieve the first oolong tea category

The authentic products come from the place of origin, which is the standard that Bama Tea has always adhered to.

Anxi and Wuyishan are the two major producing areas of oolong tea in Fujian, where Bama tea industry is deeply cultivated. Relying on the core production skills of oolong tea, it has successively launched star products such as Bama·Pearl Tieguanyin, Bama·Niuyi Wuyi Rock Tea, etc. Market recognition. The data shows that Bama·Anxi Tieguanyin has led the country in sales for 13 consecutive years, and has been ranked first in the Tmall oolong tea category for 7 consecutive years.

Technological innovation and ecological co-construction are higher requirements for enterprises under the new development situation, and are also the key for enterprises to stand out from the competition. Relying on scientific and technological strength and advanced concepts, Bama Tea has continued to dig deep in the category of oolong tea and widen the moat.

Recently, Bama Tea has launched two new Wuyi rock tea products, "Swallow Cinnamon · Niuyi 12800" and "Yanzi Cinnamon · Yanko 5000".

The scientific planting model brings a leap forward for good tea. Swallow Nest is a demonstration site of the National Agricultural Sustainable Development Experimental Demonstration Zone. Under the guidance of Liao Hong, a professor of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, a science and technology commissioner, and his team's scientific concept, the tea garden has achieved a 30% reduction in average annual carbon emission reduction and a 90% reduction in phosphorus consumption. Achievements*; The green and innovative cultivation mode makes the tea trees grown here contain a variety of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, truly achieving "reducing the burden on nature and adding points to health".

△Bama Tea Industry launched "Swallow Nest Cinnamon Niuyi 12800" (above)

Two new products of "Swallow Nest Cinnamon · Yanko 5000" (below)

In addition to new products, Bama Tea has also built a "smart tea garden" and a "smart factory" with the concept of "smart eight horses" through continuous R&D investment to promote the integration of traditional tea industry and modern technology. In the context of the national "double carbon", Bama has become one of the first tea companies in the industry to implement the development concept of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", helping the sustainable development of the industry.

△Bama Tea Industry promotes the integration of traditional tea industry and modern technology with the concept of "Smart Eight Horses"

From Pearl Buck Tieguanyin to Swallow Nest Cinnamon, continuous product innovation has made Bama recognized by all walks of life, and has created dazzling taxation results with leading sales. And this is not only a reflection of the market position of Bama Tea, but also its responsibility and responsibility to feed back to the origin:

First, invest in setting up factories to consolidate the foundation. Bama Tea invested in the construction of a modern, standardized and intelligent Wuyishan Eco-Industrial Park of Bama Tea in Wuyishan, with a deep layout of the origin. This project is the second comprehensive base of tea industry that Bama has invested heavily in after Anxi, which integrates planting, production, research and development, and cultural tourism, and has become a local benchmark project.

Second, hold events and lead the way. High-level competitions in the industry can best reflect market trends and guide and encourage tea farmers and tea enterprises to produce. The Tea King Competition held by Bama Tea Industry is a good example. As of 2021, Bama has invested more than 7.5 million yuan in total prize money in Wuyishan City, and held two tea king competitions; held Tieguanyin tea king competition in Anxi for three consecutive years, and encouraged tea farmers to make good tea. The winning units or individuals can also Become a Bama strategic cooperative supplier.


second dream

Strive to be the champion of all categories and build a cooperative body of China's tea industry

In addition to oolong tea, Bama tea industry is also making continuous efforts in other tea categories.

△Bama Tea Industry launched the strategy of "Four Tea Pearls"

Not long ago, Bama Tea Industry launched the "Four Tea Pearls" strategy, committed to making all kinds of good tea truly become the "Pearl of the Palm" for tea lovers. The "Four Tea Beads" not only include Bama·Niuyi Wuyi Rock Tea, Bama·S. Bucks Tieguanyin 5800 Oolong Tea, but also Bama Fuding White Tea·Dianzang Old Tree Peony, Bama·Xinji Ba87 Pu'er Tea and other stars represent the product.

On the e-commerce platform, Bama Tea has been ranked No. 1 in the Tmall Oolong tea category for 7 consecutive years, and multi-category tea has continued to lead comprehensively.

With great power comes great responsibility. While becoming the No. 1 oolong tea industry, Bama Tea has developed into a full-category good tea platform with its point-to-point and comprehensive efforts. Based on the entire industry chain, Bama is committed to building a Chinese tea industry cooperation body A value co-creation open platform for the participation of the majority of tea farmers and tea companies.

The national "14th Five-Year Plan" proposes to establish and improve the assistance mechanism for rural low-income population and underdeveloped areas, maintain the overall stability of major assistance policies and financial investment, and continue to promote the development of poverty-stricken areas. In this context, Bama Tea has practiced the concept of "helping agriculture with tea" in many core tea producing areas, using tea to get rid of poverty, make rich with tea, and promote rural revitalization.

△The tea industry has become a supporting force for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in some areas

A small leaf, but also a big responsibility. Bama Tea's assistance to Guangxi Baise Xilin is a typical example.

Guangxi Baise has unique conditions for tea cultivation and planting. However, due to its location in the mountainous area and inconvenient transportation, the tea made by tea farmers often cannot be sold, and many local tea farmers have been struggling with poverty for a long time.

After learning about this situation, Bama Tea Industry established the Xilin Black Tea Targeted Poverty Alleviation Project Team to empower local tea farmers in terms of packaging design, marketing and promotion with the "Bama Standard", allowing Xilin Black Tea to pass through Bama's nationwide network. The sales network has entered thousands of households.

Looking at the whole country, the footsteps of Bama Tea Industry's assistance to tea production areas have also spread to Enshi, Lichuan and other places in Hubei, allowing local good tea to reach all parts of the country through more than 2,300 stores.

Have the world in mind, and build yourself up to people. The Bama tea industry and the tea industry of the origin are cooperating and blending together, sharing weal and woe, helping the rural revitalization with practical actions and writing a new chapter of development.


third dream

Become a national brand and promote the revival of the tea industry

The rise of great powers requires national brands. The ideal of Bama tea industry is also keeping in mind the important task, forging ahead, spreading Chinese tea culture with the spirit of a national brand, promoting the revival of China's tea industry, and becoming a big brand in a big country.

Against the background of cultural self-confidence, Bama Tea is actively exploring new ways to spread tea culture.

Tea originated in China, passed down for thousands of years and constantly innovated. Bama pays tribute to the classics in an innovative way, and carries out the "Tea Renewal" activity. The new generation of tea masters "re-engraved" the famous Tang Dynasty painting "Tuning the Qin and Sipping Tea", showing the charm of tea and tea utensils, and inviting the public to the "Tea Party" ".

In addition, Bama Tea Industry has also cooperated with China National Geographic to go deep into the major tea producing areas, and present the magnificent picture of good tea from China's origin to the public with high-quality content with a more geographical perspective and humanistic aesthetics.

On the wider international stage, Bama, as the representative of Chinese tea, has served the state affairs for many times. Such as the 2017 BRICS Summit in Xiamen, the 2017 Maritime Silk Road International Art Festival, and the 2018 East Lake Tea Show. Bama built a bridge of communication with cups of good tea and won praise from the world.

Bama Tea Industry also sowed the seeds of tea culture in all directions through the tasting meeting. Since 2011, the Pearl Buck Tieguanyin Global Tasting will start from Quanzhou and travel to the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries and regions. In 2018, the Pearl Buck Tieguanyin Global Tasting Conference was upgraded to the East Lake Lights Global Tour Tasting Conference, which has traveled to 69 cities in 24 countries so far.

The World Expo, together with the World Cup and the Olympic Games, is known as the "three major events in the world" and is an important window for the world to understand Chinese brands and Chinese culture. Bama Tea’s white tea and Pu’er tea were selected as the officially designated white tea and officially designated Pu’er tea in the banquet hall of the China Pavilion of the Dubai World Expo. On the stage of the World Expo, they carried out cultural exchanges with nearly 200 countries, 25 million international friends, and hundreds of millions of netizens around the world. It is worth noting that this is also the third time that Bama Tea has appeared on the stage of the World Expo. Previously, Bama Tea has appeared in the Shanghai World Expo and the Milan World Expo.

△Bama Tea Industry spreads the seeds of tea culture in various forms



To create a competitive product is the first dream of Bama; to build a Chinese tea industry cooperation body is the second dream of Bama; to promote the revival of the tea industry and go to the world stage is the third dream of Bama.

The gradual construction and realization of the three-fold dream of the Eight Horses is the gradual progression from the brand to the industry to the social responsibility, and finally turned into a dream, that is, to let the world enjoy the health and happiness of tea - by continuously promoting the brand upgrade And product iterations, to meet consumers' high-quality life needs with the standard of high-end Chinese tea.

Every dream is to light up a light for oneself, and finally light up the spotlight whose strength is seen by the whole world, and make the world fall in love with Chinese tea.

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